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First SEO Consultants’ Michael Thomas Is An Idiot

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First SEO Consultants is often mocked in the internet marketing community for only being able to assist clients in the real estate industry. In the current economic climate, the business is struggling to survive according to recent filings. They choose to only represent clients in the real estate industry and their over-exposure to this is the reason they use to justify being on the brink of failure, citing the particular vulnerability of the real estate sector. While Michael Thomas be the laughing stock of the SEO industry based on this decision, he is also taking heat for another decision he made in March of this year.

Chris McElroy — the notious scammer — has few friends left. However, Michael Thomas is considered one of those. While Chris has been shunned from many online communities since revelations about him stealing from a charity, Michael feels Chris has been treated unfairly. While his capacity for forgiveness is — in some ways — admirable, we do not feel his treatment of Peter Arrington is fair.

Chris McElroy has always said the Namecritic Scam staff are anonmymous cowards, drawing reference to our failure to publicly reveal our identity. The reason for this can be found in the treatment that Peter Arrington has suffered since speaking out about the poor service he received from Chris’ company. Peter Arrington had his websites banned from Google and other search engines after using the SEO services of Chris McElroy. When Peter decided to speak out about the poor service he received, he was sent legal letters and death threats from Chris and his perfectly rotund friend Chuck Crawford.

Chris always says that all of his enemies are disgruntled ex-employees, but Peter Arrington was a client of Chris’ and did not work for him at all. His anger comes from having his websites banned from Google. Michael Thomas — in defending Article Content Provider — said:

“I don’t think it is fair that if Peter Arrington is a disgruntled employee that he slander his ex-employer in this manner”

Note the way he said “if Peter Arrington”. As you know perfectly well Michael, he is not. If you really think he is an ex-employee, I ask that you deliver the evidence that helped you to even consider that suggestion. If not, we will shall assume this was done to deceive the reader.

Michael Thomas then went on to say:

In fact, I think it reflects poorly on Peter, and I hope he considers this when applying for future employment at any other firm – as I am sure this posting would appear when searching his name on the web. I can’t imagine an employer that would touch him with a ten foot pole – but that’s jsut my opinion. Nice work Peter 🙂

Let me repeat, Peter Arrington never worked for Chris McElroy. He bought services from him! He owns his own business and therefore has nothing to worry about when it comes to what his employer will think. He is unlikely to sack himself on the grounds of a lie that you are helping Chris to fabricate.

Imagine if you had a problem with your Xbox 360 and you posted about your upset online. Would you expect Microsoft’s CEO Steve Balmer to deliver death threats to your door? Unlikely. Furthermore, would you expect Steve Balmer’s CEO friends (aka Michael Thomas in this case) to jump on the bandwagon and rigiriously defend the performance of the Xbox even though they don’t have a clue what happened? Would it then be okay for the friends of the CEO to suggest an ulterior motive for the complaint and scare the person into thinking that their complaint could stop them from being able to find a job going forward? Even though First SEO Consultants and Article Content Provider may be small potatoes, that does not provide them with license to ridicule and attack someone on the grounds that they disrupt Chris’ idealic persona of old.

There is also plenty of juicy irony in Michael’s commnents. He suggests that Peter will be without a job on the grounds of reputation management issues in his search engine results pages. This turned out to be a complete lie as the page is nowhere to be found when you search for Peter’s name. However, when you search for Chris McElroy, Namecritic or Article Content Provider, guess what you find? Yep. You find material supplementing the views apparently fabricated by Peter. Gentleman, those that win in the rankings win the war. As SEOs, both of you should know that. Unlucky on an epic failure and three cheers to Peter Arrington.


Chrismcelroyseo Is New Nickname For Namecritic

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Chris McElroy has been forced to change his nickname to chrismcelroyseo, in turn forcing Namecritic to turn his back on the domain industry. Only two years ago Chris was advocating that clients type in Namecritic to find a footprint of his success. While there was not a single positive article — other than a gratitious Wikipage page written by his friend and later removed by editors — there were countless forum posts and social media profiles created by himself. What credibility does that offer? Zilch. But, now, he can no longer ask clients to search for his name at all. Because, if they do, they will be greeted with scores of negative commentary.

If the conundrum was not difficult enough, Namecritic Scam continues to proactively target clients and contacts of Chris McElroy. So, even if he successfully changes his name, he will still not be able to start afresh. When Chris recently changed his name on Twitter, Namecritic Scam swooped in and grabbed the username Namecritic.

Legal threats have been on the menu before, and now they have surfaced again. In a recent Tweet, Chris mentioned:

anyone following the username “namecritic” that is not me. He is posting libel. It will be dealt with. He is an anonymous coward.

You said you were going to take down every single one of us in August 2007. As Namecritic Scam correctly predicted at the time, that is simply not going to happen!

Namecritic Humiliated On Twitter

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Namecritic Scam rockets by Namecritic on Twitter

Namecritic Scam rockets by Namecritic on Twitter

UPDATE: Namecritic Scam is now known as Namecritic on Twitter, and Chris is now known as chrismcelroyseo.

The social media butterfly — Chris (Clyde) McElroy — has just had his wings violently ripped off. Namecritic Scam now has more followers on Twitter than Namecritic, plotted left. It has now become obvious that people prefer Namecritic Scam to Namecritic. Our website now has more traffic than Chris’ flagship as well.

We are not the first site to take proactive measures to stop a company’s or organization’s unethical behavior. PayPal sucks is one of the web’s leading examples, taking the fight to PayPal. In cases like this, though, I have never heard an example of the anti-company site overtaking the target.

If you ever wanted conclusive proof regarding the depth of Chris’ character, I think this is it. Imagine having more customers that passionately hate you than ones that like you or that are indifferent.

Namecritic’s SEO Radio Interview With Chuck Crawford Web Design Owner

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Chuck Crawford Fails to See The Irony

Chuck Crawford Web Design's Founder Fails to See The Irony

Chris McElroy is the charismatic host of the hit “SEO Radio”, a name he stole from elsewhere (perhaps unintentionally). Of course, the show is not really a hit and Chris McElroy is anything but charismatic. But, the irony doesn’t stop there.

In an interview which can be found on Blog Talk Radio, Namecritic and Chuck Crawford discuss the potential problems when an affiliate program fails to pay their affiliates. Chris asks Chuck for any pointers on how you can find out if the company is above board or swimming with the fishes. Chuck’s solution: search for the company’s name on Google followed by “sucks” and also try it with “receive payment”. What a good idea, thought I.

When I done a search for Chris McElroy sucks and Chuck Crawford sucks, you’ll never guess what I found. Yep, I found negative articles in the top 10 results at the Big G. Not to blow our trumpet too hard but, yes, they were written by Namecritic Scam.

ArticleContentProvider Goes Fishing On Freelance Websites; Reputation Takes Fatal Blow

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With receiving literally tens of visitors, Chris turns his attention to freelance websites.

With receiving literally tens of visitors, Chris turns his attention to freelance websites.

As Chris’ traffic grinds to a halt, he has not choice but to go fishing on freelance websites to pick up clients. It’s the same as Walmart resorting to selling their wares on Ebay.

With Chris’ continued reliance on freelance websites, he becomes further exposed to feedback. Chris had managed to maintain a relatively respectable profile on these sites, providing them with a level of service they would not otherwise expect if they contacted him directly. He sees completing projects like this as a branding exercise, according to John Westwood previously of

The hourly rate that one can extract from these websites isn’t too great. Western suppliers have to compete with Eastern providers, while the market dynamics lead to an unhealthy focus on price. The average cost of a job is under $250 through freelance websites, while the average hourly rate is under $5. If you get a job at McDonalds, you will get a higher rate of pay; you will not lose a 10%+ commission to the site owner; you will receive additional benefits and it would be realistic to earn in excess of $1,000 a month. On freelance websites, $10,000 is the new six figures. This may appear to be too low, but it also reflects the poor quality that the site’s suppliers provide. A BusinessWeek study found that 72% of Fortune 500 CTOs were aware of such sites, 2 of them have used freelance websites in the past and zero of them use freelance websites now. In other words, they stick their nose up at the chance to save literally 90%+ on wages because they can’t afford to employ charlatans and incompetents.  As previously noted in a Namecritic Scam article:

Many people will disagree with my comments… and claim there are some good suppliers on freelance websites. There are some, however according to data published by BusinessWeek only 16% of projects are completed to the buyer’s satisfaction. And of this 16%, many will have low standards.

Now you know about freelance websites, you need to hear Chris’ value proposition. He claims:

Written by someone, (me), who has over 30 years sales experience and 11 years Internet Marketing experience.

This was possibly written a while ago, as the years of experience he claims to have had differ from his claims elsewhere on the web. I have to ask though, why should he capitalize Internet Marketing? He has a nasty habit of capitalizing all keywords, with further examples including Article Marketing and Article Writing. If that’s not strange enough, he also fails to capitalize google, yahoo and msn. His writing is rife with errors, which would perhaps be palatable if he was offering a web design service. It’s not so palatable when he focuses on writing services. He also says only he writes the articles and, as we know, that’s bull. Chris wins work on freelance websites and then finds a cheaper writer, in turn outsourcing the work to them.

Another funny error includes:

I currently write articles and website content for many clients on a variety of topics. I write for newspapers and magazines offline as well. Many of my articles can be found in search engines for the keywords I target. I also own

I am an SEO professional and am considered an expert on Article Marketing, not just Article Writing.

As you can see, the first paragraph just stops midstream. Either that, or he owns nothing. We also suspect he has never really written for newspapers.

As if those errors were not enough on their own, he also makes a suprising promise:

My articles are always;

1. 100% original content.

2. 500 words or more.

3. Interesting and easy to read (Formatted properly)

Yes, the capital F in formatting is hilarious but why on earth is their a requirement for his articles to be 500 words or more? What if the client wants him to write a 200 word article? Will he refuse on the grounds of this statement? As his content is 100% original, we can also assume that not a single two word combination he uses has ever been used before? In all fairness to Chris, 87% unique doesn’t have quite the same bite.

Now let’s look at what his clients think of his work.

1. This client’s project with Chris results in a dispute between the parties. This resulted in the site conducting an investigation into which party was telling the truth, through looking at the material Chris delivered to his client.  The deadline was missed and the project was not completed properly. The result, as judged by the site:

Namecritic (the seller) agreed/admitted that they did not complete the project– It was determined that Namecritic had not managed the deadline properly, hence they were unable to complete the work by the deadline. Darepondus (the buyer) had released 50% of the funds. All funds in escrow were returned to Darepondus.

2. In this second example, Chris was also unable to reach a resolution with the client, resulting in one of the parties filing for arbitration. The result, as judged by the website:

Namecritic (the seller) alleged that the deliverables were 100% complete by the deadline and zolly (the buyer) alleged that they were not. Rent a Coder tested the deliverables and found one or more non-cosmetic flaws in the deliverables. All funds in escrow were returned to zolly.

3. Another project, another problem. This time Chris falls behind the deadline, resulting in the project falling to pieces.

namecritic (the coder) fell behind in starting the work and agreed that Doron Whitman (the buyer) had been very patient about it. By the time the work got going, they discovered other issues that could slow work progress and agreed to cancel. All funds in escrow were returned to Doron Whitman.

4. In this example, Chris and the buyer opted for a mediation. A mediation is the stage before arbitration, and allows the buyer and seller to reach a settlement. Based on the unfavourable terms, it would be reasonable to assume this was another epic failure.

Platinum Millennium (the buyer) and Namecritic (the seller) Seller and Buyer agreed to self-mediate without formal intervention by a Rent a Coder arbitrator.
3)Namecritic is responsible for the possible cancellation fee. (per “Cancellation Charge Holdback” in the seller’s contract).

5. Chris also has a nasty habit of winning jobs and then refuses the money because he does not have the resources to complete the job. On freelance websites, if you do not complete the job it is impossible to get paid due to their escrow feature. This is a severe waste of a buyer’s time, and his profile is littered with examples including this one:

Namecritic (the Seller) notified dave5577 (the buyer) that they were unable to work on this project, within 24 hours of bid acceptance. Per the Seller Contract, this results in a neutral arbitration. All funds were returned to dave5577.

6. Another day, another lost mediation. He is forced to provide a refund, knowing he will lose an arbitration:

VISUAL-BASIC.NET (the buyer) and Namecritic (the seller) Seller and Buyer agreed to self-mediate without formal intervention by a Rent a Coder arbitrator.

3) Namecritic is responsible for the possible cancellation fee. (per “Cancellation Charge Holdback” in the seller’s contract).

As you can see, Chris has not won a single arbitration or mediation. Good luck getting him to explain this. Sees Traffic Sink

Posted in Article Content Provider by namecriticscam on February 24, 2009 sees traffic grind to a halt. sees traffic grind to a halt.

In a previous article, I described how traffic to Chris’ flagship sight is sinking quicker than the Titanic did on her maiden voyage.

It appears things are worse than I had originally thought. We were able to use Quantcast’s data to calculate that Chris is currently attracting as many as 3 customers per month through internet marketing initiatives. Since the point at which that article was published,’s traffic has sunk even deeper.

Now, Quantcast are no longer publishing any data on the website at all. They say: Sorry, we do not have enough data to profile They might be sorry, but not as sorry as Chris and his modestly-sized wallet.

Banned From Twitter, But Only For A While

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Namecritic Scam's ban didn't last forever

Namecritic Scam's ban didn't last forever

On the 13th of January, Namecritic Scam was banned from Twitter. This was a sad day for Namecritic Scam, following our meaninful success in attacking Chris’ reputation among his nearest and dearest followers. Now, I am able to reveal that our profile is back up and running. I sent my first tweet in Chris’ direction. I patiently await a response.

Twitter provided a great way to make Chris’ fans aware of who we are and what we do. The volume of traffic has been relatively impressive. Just as Namecritic Scam destroys Saint Christopher in the search engine results pages, things are certainly heading in that direction on Twitter too. At the time of writing this post, we have 107 followers to his 160. Chris likes to pretend he understands social media, much the same way as he claims to understand SEO. An internet marketer who understands neither doesn’t have much to offer their clients.

Chris’ tweets usually involve him pimping one of his blogs. The blogs cover such insightful topics as: “Things To Do In The Elevator”. He also tweets links to political pieces. That’s all well and good provided you can do two things: provide an exclusive or offer insightful opinion. As Chris works as a real estate assistant most of the time, and scams people the rest, it’s unlikely he will have much time to work his White House sources. Chris likes to kick and scream, but insightful commentary can only come from measured thought and clear communication. Chris is incapable of either. His writing is so poor, Namecritic Scam questioned his claims to having been a journalist in a investigative piece dated January 30th, 2009:

His writing is plagued with comma splices and disagreeing pronouns and antecedents, not to mention those dastardly split infinitives. To put things in perspective, that’s the same as a math teacher who thinks pie is something you eat for a nutritious snack.

What role did Chris play in getting us banned from Twitter? According to a Sam Freedom article there are four primary reasons why this could occur. In our instance, number 2 and 4 look most likely:

  1. you’ve followed a large number of people in a short amount of time
  2. there is a small number of followers compared to number of people you’re following
  3. the updates consist mainly of links and not personal updates
  4. a large number of users blocking the profile and writing in with spam complaints

As our number of followers increases, so too does our resistance to getting banned. Namecritic Scam’s back in the game.

Steam Coming Out Ears Of Bunny Boiler Namecritic

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Serial scammer and entreprenuer-wannabie Chris McElroy’s got lots cooking.  Not only is Chris’ business on life support, but his girlfriend opted to kiss and tell. If that’s not enough, his best buddy is extremely annoyed Chris is costing him business, and he has got a part-time job that pays a meager $5.20 an hour.

Namecritic may struggle to get an erection, but if he doesn't have any problem getting angry.

Namecritic may struggle to get an erection, but he doesn't have any problem getting angry.

Chris has got angry with his ex-girlfriend. Cyndi (pictured here) and Chris broke up because Chris couldn’t accept that she wanted to sleep with other boys at the same time as they were seeing each other. Cyndi thought Chris was being too protective, so she called things off. Following the tragic breakup, Cyndi got in touch with Namecritic Scam to explain the amazing two week journey that the two star-crossed lovers shared. We revealed this to our readers in an exclusive interview with Cyndi.

Naturally, Namecritic ain’t happy that she decided to spill the beans. Now Chris’ failure to get an erection makes him blush; his church buddies now know god comes second only to his shrivled pen-s; and his family and friends think he’s going through an old age crisis, choosing to date someone who is literally young enough to be his granddaughter based on the US age of consent.

Today, in an exclusive with Namecritic Scam, Cyndi has revealed the “tirade of abuse” she has received at the hands of Chris. This, not suprisingly, has contained another bout of empty legal threats from the boy who has cried wolf many a time before. What’s wrong Chris? Too much of a fu–king pussy? Oh wait, it’s probably because you earn $5.20 an hour and couldn’t afford it.

Cyndi has now changed her telephone number after Chris told her to get us to remove our post within 72 hours. Weeks after lavishing her with superlatives, and taking her out for dinner, Chris has now resorted to calling her an “ugly b-tch”. When asked by Namecritic Scam if this hurt her feelings, she replied:

If he didn’t think I was hot, why would he want to date me in the first place? He is just trying to make me feel bad about myself; he’s being a bunny boiler as usual.

After you’re finished boiling bunnies, Chris, you’ve got a business to get off the ground.

Chris Earns Less Than A McDonalds’ Employee and ‘i’m lovin’ it’

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Namecritic claims to have been a journalist in the past, citing 1998 as when he got started. Not many people get involved in journalism when they’re 40, especially when they have no college eduction. But, that didn’t stop Chris!

He says he got started in 1998. He also claims he got started in online business 12 years ago. How does that work out? It was obviously another part-time job. As Chris now works as a virtual assistant, it means one of two things happened: he got sacked, or he headed on to pastures new. Or, there’s the third option. That it is all just a lie to make you believe he’s experienced enough to write articles.

Following our scoop on Chris’ job, an assistant from Assistant For Real Estate has got in touch. We have found out that Kandra pays a whopping $5.20 an hour. That means Chris left his job as a journalist to earn less than a middle manager in Kazakhistan.

Chris is one of the most poorly educated journalists ever to enter the field, if he’s telling the truth. His writing is plagued with comma splices and disagreeing pronouns and antecedents, not to mention those dastardly split infinitives. To put things in perspective, that’s the same as a math teacher who thinks pie is something you eat for a nutritious snack.

I don’t believe he ever worked as a journalist. If he did, he must have got sacked as he now earns $5.20 an hour and he works for a company that helps real estate agencies with their admin. His jobs’s as safe as a nuclear bomb in the hands of Osama Bin Laden.


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A book containing a tip or two for Chris

A book containing a tip or two for Chris

Namecritic is an SEO, so it’s hilarious that he’s being destroyed in the search engine rankings for his own name, Chris McElroy, by a Realtor. What’s that little bit funnier is that we’re outranking him for his own name too! He obviously doesn’t know what he is doing when it comes to SEO, but does he know what he is doing when it comes to domains?

Well, there is certainly evidence to the contrary. Chris claims to have got started in the domain industry business 12 years ago, earning the moniker “Namecritic” for his sharp eye and worldly perspective on the domain industry. Or, so he likes to tell people!

Today I got thinking: why on earth doesn’t Chris own or You would think such an early entrant into the domain industry would have thought this to be obvious. But, nope. He never got around to it. What makes it worse is that he could have picked up in 2007. Not everyone wants to own their name dot com; but with an ego the size of Chris McElroy’s, it’s hard to imagine why not.

Tidlywinks, it’s time to sharpen up.