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Blog Content Provider – Another Scam With Namecritic’s Name On It

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on August 28, 2007

One of the reasons why people pay for quality content is to get links. If that’s the case why does Chris not just get his army of writers on the job, and stop using spammy link building techniques. Like what? Linking his client blogs to his own sites. used a spammy link network to help to get their clients rankings, before many of the sites got wiped out.  Blog Content Provider clients aren’t the only ones to suffer as a result of Namecritic Inc’s black hat activities.

And Chris, your living in a dream world if you really think article marketing and forum posting are the way to get quality links. I also noticed you have tried your hand at writing viral content for social media – as expected, you have failed miserably.

Clients of Chris, read this too.


Update On What is Happening In Namecritic’s Demise

Posted in Speaker Phone by namecriticscam on August 22, 2007

Chris McElroy’s demise is going to be a painful one. The web guru has attempted to leverage his reputation for years, and he’s so mighty proud of it.
Look at the SERP for namecritic scam. Up we pop. Chris has attempted to cover this up by making blog posts about the topic of scams with his own name intertwined. Clever? In principle yes. But as all you MBAs know, it all comes down to the execution and Chris scores a big-fat F for that.

Chris, what ever happened to editorial integrity? I suppose that’s the least of your worries when you use donations to prop-up profitability on the income statement. If the donations can’t come into the company from the top-line, they can still feed through to the bottom. And you thought the nice blokes over at Enron new a thing or two about cooking the books. Chris just opened a new chapter.

A new man stepped into the ring today. And guess what? Yep. He takes our side over namecritic. Doesn’t have just as much unbridled hatred for Chris, but he’s still nice enough to mention he’s an ego-maniac.

Today we got this post from Karl in which he details the steps he has been taking in terms of the namecritic charity scam. Again, very interesting information. And someone who is speaking out in public. What’s that Chris? People are too scared to say who they really are? As they saying goes, if you say something enough we’re bound to believe it.

Namecritic Admits in Comments to Kid Search Network Fraud

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on August 21, 2007

Chris has came by and ADMITTED HE USED HIS CHARITY TO PAY A WRITER.  He claims this was a one-off event, but we already have managed to find two sources for this story before we were prepared to run with it.

Here is his comment:

4. The matter of paying writers through it was temporary and done long ago. They do not get paid that way now and the funds they were paid were supplied by me. I had only one way to pay the writer you mention because they could not accept any payment otherwise. I did them a favor.

And just in case anyone was thinking this blog is BS by someone who hates Chris. Let’s look at the facts we have managed to establish this far….

– Chris is actually posting replies on this blog. If you don’t believe us go and check out his personal blog. He says it there.

– He admits that he has used his charity to pay A freelancer in the past. THIS IS SURELY SHOCKING ENOUGH. However we know it has went on more than that. He has paid his company’s bills with his charity’s bank account.

– We have also established that we check our sources. If you thought we were lying about the Kid Search Network payment issues entirely, then look at the information Chris has provided – he has admitted our revelation is true.

Chris why don’t you link to to the last post from the Kid Search Network site? Let people know the accusations being made.

Shocking Truth About Namecritic’s Charity Scam Through The Kid Search Network

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on August 20, 2007

You may have read this post about Chris’s charity scam but they are much worse than that. This is as low and as dirty as it gets – even for Namecritic. We have just been sent proof by a writer who is employed by Chris McElroy – and still employed by Chris. They are actually a freelancer writer, not an employee. From what we know he has no employees, only freelancers. This means no pension, no life insurance, no medical cover, nothing. Only McDonalds wages for the pleasure of working at home.

They have sent us proof that their wages were paid by… Not Namecritic Inc …Not Chris McElroy…but The Kid Search Network. Now we knew there was something up when donations were not tax deductable. However, if he is paying his writers using the Kid Search Network then he will be offsetting them against his donations — or could be.

We obviously knew something was dodgy with this charity. But we thought he probably justified it to himself through saying the donations covered HIS WAGE. But now we find out he is paying his writers out of that entity. Let’s hear what the man has to say.

Although Chris has been kind enough to leave legal threats on this blog, and on the other blog, he is yet to actually answer any questions. If he does, we may start to think of him as a scammer with bottle — can’t see it though. He called us out for being scared, so we answered it. We call him out for things and he doesn’t answer. You would think a writer would be more articulate. But someone who is willing to sell himself on is usually either a beginner, a person from a third world country, or someone who is trying to make ends meet from not being able to sell his services at a decent price – and as he is from Florida, and has been on the net for 12 years, lets opt for the last.


Chris McElroy Makes Post About Our Blog

Posted in Chris McElroy by namecriticscam on August 20, 2007

Chris has posted a blog entry in which he says our site, and our friends over at Namecritic Ism are cowards. Let’s consider the facts Mr McElroy.

1. You brag that you have never had an unhappy client, or writer, and that this can be proved through searching Google. We have over 100 people that claim to have been ripped off by you. Some have been verified. Some have not, as yet.

2. You have made legal threats. Maybe people are not saying who they are because they don’t want to be taken to court, as you have promised to do. Why don’t you retract your legal threats?

3. You are worried that we are not going to talk about your other companies. Don’t worry namecritic. We will be talking about them – including your adult websites and other provider sites. We will be mentioning all the sites you have had banned from Google using “your white hat tactics”, that we know about. And before we forget… Some SEO you are. We were on the first page of Google for namecritic within 2 days, and you say you have been online for 12 years and everyone is talking about you. Interesting stuff.

4. Ohh and Chris… Got any proof people started calling you namecritic and it is not a moniker made by you, for you? We will be sure to reference it if it’s true.


Posted in Speaker Phone by namecriticscam on August 20, 2007

It turns out that someone has already started a blog who has had problems with namecritic. Please feel free to check this out. We have had over 10 people get in touch with us in the 2 days since the site has launched, and we will be hearing their story soon. Everyones comments must be verified – so this can take some time. We must firstly be provided with evidence that they have worked with, or for, Chris, and from there we will accept their story.

We apologize for the time that this will take, however it is important that our site remains pure, to the point, and factual. Please note that Chris has been kind enough to leave a comment here so feel free to read it. This is in the tone we have come to expect from Chris.

Who is namecritic?

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on August 17, 2007

namecritic is the nickname that was coined by Chris McElroy for Chris McElroy. Although he would like you to think that this name was made for him, rather than by him, we happen to know differently. He encourages people to search for his name using search engines. We done this and could only come up with results from his own blogs and forum posts.