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Chris McElroy Makes Post About Our Blog

Posted in Chris McElroy by namecriticscam on August 20, 2007

Chris has posted a blog entry in which he says our site, and our friends over at Namecritic Ism are cowards. Let’s consider the facts Mr McElroy.

1. You brag that you have never had an unhappy client, or writer, and that this can be proved through searching Google. We have over 100 people that claim to have been ripped off by you. Some have been verified. Some have not, as yet.

2. You have made legal threats. Maybe people are not saying who they are because they don’t want to be taken to court, as you have promised to do. Why don’t you retract your legal threats?

3. You are worried that we are not going to talk about your other companies. Don’t worry namecritic. We will be talking about them – including your adult websites and other provider sites. We will be mentioning all the sites you have had banned from Google using “your white hat tactics”, that we know about. And before we forget… Some SEO you are. We were on the first page of Google for namecritic within 2 days, and you say you have been online for 12 years and everyone is talking about you. Interesting stuff.

4. Ohh and Chris… Got any proof people started calling you namecritic and it is not a moniker made by you, for you? We will be sure to reference it if it’s true.


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