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Blog Content Provider – Another Scam With Namecritic’s Name On It

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on August 28, 2007

One of the reasons why people pay for quality content is to get links. If that’s the case why does Chris not just get his army of writers on the job, and stop using spammy link building techniques. Like what? Linking his client blogs to his own sites. used a spammy link network to help to get their clients rankings, before many of the sites got wiped out.  Blog Content Provider clients aren’t the only ones to suffer as a result of Namecritic Inc’s black hat activities.

And Chris, your living in a dream world if you really think article marketing and forum posting are the way to get quality links. I also noticed you have tried your hand at writing viral content for social media – as expected, you have failed miserably.

Clients of Chris, read this too.


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  1. James Egidio said, on November 10, 2007 at 9:27 pm

    I contacted Chris Mcelroy several months ago (April 07 to be precise) and I was interested in article marketing and in having two websites desesigned. Priority #1 was to get the two websites redesigned. Chris referred me to his partner in crime Chuck Crawford of Chuck Crawford Website Design. “Chucky Boy” initially had me give him 100% down for website design work. Keep in mind that most web designers onlt require 50% down. Anyway to make long story short Chuck never started nor did he finish the work. I was fortunate to chargeback the charges. It didn’t end there; when “Chucky Boy” found out that I charged back the charges, he took it upon himself to highjack my company names and personal name and create URL’s for them. He set up blogs and used slander and extortion to recoup for what he thought was rightfully his. He got a taste of his own medicine. I did the same thing, but politely explained my case. Chuck Crawford and Chris Mcelroy are scam artist. You know how I know? I just received an email from a business owner in Miami, FL who hired Chuck Crawford and Chris Mcelroy for a 6 page $6,500 website and it was never finished!!

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  3. […] is probably more of a shade of gray. But more importantly, it all comes down to the fact that his tactics are crap. Chris continues to SEO like it’s the 90s again, with exact-match anchor text, and — as […]

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