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More Fun And Games – Chuck Creates Wiki Page For Chris

Posted in Chuck Crawford by namecriticscam on March 16, 2008

Chuck Crawford is a long term loyal-ish friend of Chris. There are many examples on the web of both of them promoting the hell out of each other in forums. In fact, the only positive mentions of Chris on the internet (other than by his directly employed staff) are made by Mr Crawford. This is strange for someone ‘reputable’ who has been in sales for 30 years, and been online for 12 of those.

In the comments of this blog you will find people who have been ripped off by Chris after being referred by Chuck. And vice versa. I came across this page recently. It is a link that Chuck posted (via his profile) to a Wikipedia article on Chris.

The page has now been deleted by Wiki contributors. They said, among other things:

“Non-notable biography page, contains four links to pages the subject has created. Google turns up millions of Chris McElroys but not this one.”

This wikipedia user had the same problem as us. He couldn’t find any material on Chris McElroy either. If they had searched for Namecritic, though, they would have found his profile (created by him) on many sites. The article got labelled as an advert and spam.

On the Propeller page, Chris says:

wow. thanks. some people want to delete me and others want to give me an entry. I guess it really doesn’t matter much. I apopreciate whoever wrote the entry and appreciate the bookmark either way.

It’s funny he should say that, considering Chuck posted the link to Propeller in order to promote the article. And it’s clear from reading the article it was written by thegiftedone. This is Chuck’s username on many sites, and also the name of one of his websites.

Chuck mentions Chris’s charity work as a reason to keep the page up and running. The wiki contributors probably didn’t read this and this.  And, even worse, this.

People who read this site will probably wonder if Chris got Chuck to create a wikipedia page in order to help tackle the little problem that’s going on with his search engine results pages. You see, if you search for namecritic, you may notice that some of the people he has scammed are revoluting against him. A wikipedia page on the scammer would certainly jump up near the top.


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