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Ding Dong Chris Is Wrong

Posted in Chris McElroy by namecriticscam on March 18, 2008

Here’s what Chris had to say on who he thinks is to blame for exposing him. Notice the way he talks to one person.

My favorites included:

I already know who you are. I just want to see if you are too much of a coward to tell everyone else. The skeletons in your closet are the other reasons you don’t come forward.

Most people, with an IQ somewhere north of 20, would probably guess he is baiting the person out of the closet not really 100% sure who they are. If he did know, why not mention their name? The skeletons issue is used to discredit the source.

This would mean Chris has a very specific idea of who he thinks hates him on the web. He says that one single disgruntled employee is the only enemy he has made on his many years scamming and writing vomit-inducing prose. I know what you’re thinking. That can’t be true. Well, your right. But first, let’s explore the issue of using the disgruntled employee card to justify wrong-doing. Just because an employee is unhappy, this does not mean it is not for a good reason. For example, sometimes your employer really can be a hot-headed, ego-pumped, tw@t face.

Now for a bit of evidence to show that Chris’ ex-staffer isn’t the only one who has a grudge against the Miami cowboy. And, also proof that everyone does not wish to remain under-the-radar. Another fallacy that Chris has been keen to promote.

1. This comment. James explains how Chuck ripped him off for $6000. What’s that got to do with Chris? Well, as we mentioned before, they are partners in crime. In all fairness though, Chris never had a direct involvement in this one. But referring someone to a Mexican-based web designer who’s proud to put his name to a site like this is bound to cause a problem or two.

2. This filing against Article Content Provider on Rip-off Report. This person is happy to give their name and is clearly an ex-client rather than an employee. Wrong again Mr McElroy.

3. Frank was also ripped off by the old codgers. Chris had direct involvment in this transaction. He was happy to take his share of the winnings, but not so happy to help Franky-boy get his problems resolved.

But, if you think a few thousand dollars here and there are the extent of the problem, you have another thing coming boys and girls. So until next time Chris, we are pleased to say that you are wrong again. Plain and simply wrong. In typical fashion we don’t expect a direct answer from Chris to this question. Let alone an acknowledgement. He’s too busy wondering where his next project’s coming from, and how he’s going to pay for his trip across the Mexican border to pal-up with Chuck when the FBI come knocking.


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