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Incestual Marketing Or Brotherly Love?

Posted in Chuck Crawford by namecriticscam on March 18, 2008

Imagine if you told people someone was really great. And imagine if that person told people you were really great. Recipricol recommendations if you will. What if you promoted someone else’s business for them, and they promoted your business for you? Wouldn’t the message be that little bit stronger? That’s the idea that Chuck (fat b@$t@rd) Crawford and Chris McElrory (Namecritic) thought when they started spamming the hell out forums promoting each others services. The result? A roaring success. With one notable exception.

Just like with link building, though, recipricol linking has to get a little bit more sophisticated. On this occasion, Melissa enters the fray. Notice how Chris gets the chance to mention how really very busy he is. Well in that case he must be a reputable guy, right? Wrong. And worse still, he admits it.

The amatuer SEO tactics used by Chris have already started catching up with him in the SERPs. He’s got one client pulled already. And let’s face it, his aren’t looking too pretty either.


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  4. Becky said, on November 6, 2008 at 12:13 am

    Chuck Crawford has ripped me off for Three Thousand Dollars.. all charged to a credit card.; I have filed claims and hope to get my money back.

    What can we do about this guy? I need help,,,, attorney or police?

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