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Is It Chris Or Just the Sea Air? Either Way, It’s a Moron From Miami

Posted in Chris McElroy by namecriticscam on March 19, 2008

And we thought it couldn’t get any worse. Now someone with a Miami IP address has came by and dropped this comment. This smells like Chris, however it may well not be. The sea air is maybe causing problems down that way. Just like Chris, this absolute – and utter – moron takes the approach of: I know who you are but I am not going to say.

Ahh, well in that case I better just give in and admit who I am 🙂

If you know, why doesn’t someone come by and give an actual name. Of course, if they took that approach, it would be much harder for them to change their mind later on.

Also, just on the off chance you really do think Chris is not a scammer…Why don’t you contact the sources listed and actually read what Chris admits to doing with the Kid Search Network? Whether it is Namecritic or not, this guy really is as thick as pig sh!t.

To support the point that it was written by Chris, completely avoiding the crux of the argument has Namecritic written all over it.

A good way to tackle the issues set out would be to say things like:

1. Chris spams forums because…

2. Chris pays his writers through his charity because…

3. Chris did not know that Chuck created his Wiki page because…

4. Chris never got this client banned from the SERPs because…

5. Chris did not know that Chuck was the worst web designer in Mexico because…

6. Chris only has one enemy who is a disgruntled employee because…

Also, Chris always goes on about people being too scared to admit who they are. He claims it is cowardly. Well, my delinquent friend, it seems like we have a little pussy cat in our midst.

UPDATE: I have decided to search for the IP address location here ( and then looked to find where Chris lives.

The results? Remarkable. It just so happens that a comment which someone was unwilling to own up to, comes from somewhere 3.3 miles away from Chris.


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