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If There Ever Was A Namecritic Brand It’s Dead In The Water

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on March 19, 2008

Chris McElroy, the internet scammer, who runs web businesses such as Article Content Provider and Blog Content Provider has just been destroyed at his own game. And, folks, it’s bound to hurt bad.

The web vetran, who has been strutting his stuff online for 12 years, has got killed in a few months through customers who appear to know a little bit more about SEO than the owner of SEO Service Provider. Chris was obviously too busy scamming people to read reputation management 101.

In all fairness to Chris, though, he has tried some of these tactics. In the days following NamecriticScams and other similar blogs going to press, Chris was desperately building spammy blogger ( and wordpress sites to take control of his name. Where are they now? They are no where to be seen. A bit like client’s of Chris.

He was already in control of an exact match domain too. But that doesn’t appear to be helping him much. Some of the bloggers who write negative stuff about Chris even link out to him, and that isn’t helping either. How much more hand-holding do you need? According to his sales pitch, he has hundreds of clients dominating the SERPs. Let’s not forget he has had an eleven year head-start too.

But, let’s face it. It’s not the same Chris that we crossed swords with all those months ago. Sure, the complaints are still coming in hard and fast but the energy’s gone. From his website he is no longer suggesting clients should Google his name as an indication of the trust he has built up over the years. He realises driving traffic to our sites is stupid. And he realises he is unlikely to recover. After all, he is nearly 50 we hear.

Most people who have been on the web for 12 years have got an exit under their belt, or at least a healthy collection of assets to flaunt. Not Chris. He picked the hard route. Scamming and spamming might take you to six figures, maybe seven, but you’re not going to get a liquidity event worth shouting about when you’re always swimming against the tide. We have reason to believe his company turnover is sub $100K. And based on how much freelancers he employs, don’t expect any Christmas bonus when you work for the Content Provider family of sites.

As people like Frank have a few grand to spend on a domain here and there, with 8 figures on the balance sheet, Chris has to scam small business owners out of their pocket money. He must be the poorest early entry domainer I know. For those who are not familiar that is how he got the name Namecritic. The first citation of this was, of course, coined by himself. But that’s not what he’d like you to think. He claims, on his blog, this was because he was an expert at evaulating domain names. As other domain evaluators prospered Namecritic done the polar opposite. Now, what he considered his only asset, the Namecritic brand, is dead.

Maybe Chris should head over to GoDaddy and start looking to see if he can grab the .com on a new web moniker. How does tw@!face sound?

Through following this link you are taken to a version of Google which is not tainted by geo-targetting. A simple query for Namecritic will show you that all you’ll find about Chris online is negative information and profile pages in the top ten. Three of the results I see, as of today’s date, are publications about the poor service he offers. In my local results, it’s looking even worse.

What will make it even harder for Chris is that he has been beaten at his own game. Blogging. Chris, you have just been pulverised.


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