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Clients of Chris Should Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Posted in Chris McElroy by namecriticscam on March 19, 2008

We have decided to keep stum in the forums and on the media properties where Namecritic (or his buddy) actively promotes himself. Largely because the pillars of the community already appear to take him with a grain of salt. And, it’s simply not scalable for us to keep up with spamming of his magnitude.

Through going after his name we can cut of his blood supply at the source. I assume, although I am not certain, that most people would do some due diligence before contracting with him. Especially when he used to actively encourage it. Lots of times however, people know that Article Content Provider enjoy giving their clients a good fu<k!ng yet they continue to work with them regardless. One company who we have spoke with in the last couple of weeks, worked with Chris despite reading this first.

They said they believed Allen Taylor’s genuine response and thought his helpful posts built the company’s credibility. The fact is, though, being a scammer doesn’t have to be black and white. It depends on your expectations and largely your luck.

Clearly what Chris gets up to with charity endeavours would be considered scam with a capital S whatever way you paint it. But sometimes people receive the articles that they pay for. Although from our experience a large percentage of people don’t. Almost all of his SEO clients don’t get what they expect and the same goes for web design clients too. It doesn’t take a marketing whiz-kid to work out his tactics and results are less than great. If you just want articles and prepared for a deadline or two to pass on by, you stand a (completely unscientific) 40% of getting what you’re looking for.

Of the blogging and SEO clients that have received entirely underwhelming results, albeit for a cheap price, not one stands out as an exception to that rule. One of his clients recently explained how his results completely tanked after getting linked into the Namecritic blog network. $1200 in monthly sales from search traffic wiped from the top-line in a couple of weeks.

A client of Chris, who decided to file against Article Content Provider on rip-off report is quick to label him as a black-hat. This may well be the case, but black-hat is fine if you can get away with it and your clients are aware of the risk. The work of Chris, however, is probably more of a shade of gray. But more importantly, it all comes down to the fact that his tactics are crap. Chris continues to SEO like it’s the 90s again, with exact-match anchor text, and — as Allen Taylor so expertly put it — keyword-rich content. As an aside, why is it that keyword rich creates such better connotations than keyword stuffed?

Allen, though, isn’t a bad chap from the impression I get. He has actually helped some writers and clients to get their money back when Chris has done the dirty on them. Google claim that it’s better to be in China, than not at all, so they can try and do something about what’s going on there. Similar to Allen, it’s all about the money, but at least they can try and do the right thing from time to time.

Clients of Namecritic, get out while you still can. Working with Chris will increase your expenses and lower your sales. If, to you, that sounds like an attractive proposition, Joel Comm might have an ebook or two he’s looking to punt.


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  1. Someone Watching You Very Closely said, on March 19, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    Just so you are aware, this is not Chris.

    This is not Chuck.

    This is not Allen.

    This is someone you don’t know but, I know who you are.

    How you ask? Well , that is very simple. You see, I’ve worked with Chris & his associates before…on many occassions.

    I just happened to stumble upon this WordPress blog during a Google search.

    I know all these people you speak of very well and I can vouch for them.

    Their work is high-quality, original content that gets results.

    They are legitimate in every sense of the word and are not in the business of ripping people off.

    That obviously isn’t a good way to promote yourself or your business…if you knew anything about business at all…which I doubt.

    On the other hand, we have you; a person who seems to have devoted most (if not all) of their time trying to destroy these people and their credibility.

    Obviously, you must have failed somewhere. Maybe it was when you were fired for you inability to perform up to standards.

    Yes…I know about that.

    You have a grudge and now you are looking for anyone that may have had some sort of business venture with them go unfullfilled.

    Well, let me tell you about the business world my friend…it doesn’t always work out…unfortunately.

    And by no way did it have anything to do with the standards or work ethic of eveyone aforementioned in your blog post.

    Maybe you should spend more time moving forward than looking back…along with all the others leaving derogatory comments.

    You are consumed by anger, hate and loathing. This will ultimately lead to your demise in everything that you set out to accomplish.

    Just remember one thing…who I am is of no consequence. That fact that I know who you are is.

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