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Chuck Crawford is a Charlatan Douchebag (so too is Chris McElroy)

Posted in Chuck Crawford by namecriticscam on November 6, 2008

Help! Have I been scammed? asks a person on their journey to internet riches. Chuck Crawford — Fat Face Chubby Cheeks — must be sitting back in Mexico (or Texas?) smoking a cigar and telling his friends about the easy money available online. The guy doesn’t win much business these days, but he manages to get his hands on some. And when he does, it’s the easiest money going.

I don’t think Chuck has moved to Texas. I think he used to live there or he uses that address to route his mail to Mexico. Maybe this information will be helpful for our innocent husband and wife team on their search for a refund.

They also found out that Chuck was kind enough to register the WHOIS details in his own name, and I see their website is hosted on his own server (or so he would like you to think).

If Chuck’s claims were true he would own the 18th biggest company in Latin America. Chuck operates from his bedroom (fact) and likes to create the impression he has a m0ther fuck3r of a server farm and is Mexico’s answer to Google when it comes to employment.

He either uses his old laptop as his server or he owns a reseller account. My educated guess points towards the latter.

Chuck Crawford claims to have worked with hundreds of businesses. Many of which are in the Fortune 500. Really? Ask him who he has worked with and he’ll tell you his arms are tied by a confidentiality agreement. How convenient! All of his competitors are able to show off their work on their portfolio or client page, but Chuck can’t. What a shame.

I am able to confirm that Chuck also lies about his clients. He claims to have worked on to some of his clients — only via email and over the phone. He has done this at least twice. We know this to be a fib.

Chris McElroy is happy to recommend everyone on earth to Fat Face Chubby Cheeks. However, you’ll notice that his websites aren’t created by Chuck. If this isn’t a wake up call to everyone, what on earth is?


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