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Posted in Article Content Provider by namecriticscam on November 6, 2008

Want to know how Chris McElroy makes money? The forumla is so simple that even a monkey could do it.

You go to and order some articles from the lovely Chris McElroy aka Namecritic.

Namecritic goes to freelance websites, like, and makes a post like this. He then gets loads of bidders from the developing world to bid on your project. Not all are from the developing world, but (almost) all of them aren’t competent enough to get a.) a job, or b.) work for real clients.

Many people will disagree with my comments above and claim there are some good suppliers on freelance websites. There are some, however according to data published by BusinessWeek only 16% of projects are completed to the buyer’s satisfaction. And of this 16%, many will have low standards.

Chris only pays the freelancers a fraction of what he charges you. He makes the rest of the money. It really is that simple.

Chris does not use this method to complete all of his projects. However, he is very active on a couple of freelance websites. What is more funny is that he also wins jobs on these websites. So someone posts a bid on and Chris wins. He then goes ahead and posts the same job on and offers to pay a lower price.

Some would call what Chris does a sophisticated arbitrage model. Others would call it a scam. Either way, he’s not adding any value, and that’s why — if you want to publish sh1t on your website — you might as well go directly to the source.

Chris (Namecritic) McElroy has his dirty fat hands in many a pie or two. This is just one of them.


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  2. […] because they can’t afford to employ charlatans and incompetents.  As previously noted in a Namecritic Scam article: Many people will disagree with my comments… and claim there are some good suppliers on […]

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