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Exclusive: Namecritic’s Neighbor Chats With Namecritic Scam

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on November 21, 2008

Namecritic Scam received an email on the 16th of October from a women claiming to be a neighbor of Chris. My mouth started to drip like Chuck Crawford’s might at the site of a delicious snack, pictured below.

Chuck Crawfords Idea Of A Diet

Chuck Crawford's Idea Of A Diet - Courtesy of D LeRoy

When you want to keep your identity under wraps, and so too does the source, it can be hard to validate their legitimacy and motive. As we have seen in the past, Chris will go to great lengths to take us down. After some initial trepidation, this lady accepted my offer of sending a letter to her address containing a code she would later have to validate via email. She’s confirmed it, but that’s really all I am able to validate about this source. While we would usually endeavor to uncover more about a source, I think there’s a good chance she knows Chris personally. She lives within 1.5KM of his house.

Her email says:

Like you say on your web site, Chris does tell everyone he is known as Namecritic because he is good at picking internet names! While he is not known by this nickname locally, I have heard it mentioned before.  Your comments about his charity aren’t entirely true. I have good reason to believe that he has done some genuinely charitable work. While I would never donate to his charity based on your comments, I do feel that you don’t see the full picture here.

Your website is currently the talk of my neighborhood! Everyone and their dog has seen it.

While he may have done the odd charitable deed, we know with absolute certainty that he has paid his writers through his charity. He admitted this in the comments of this blog. This is unacceptable behavior and deserves to be noted.

In a later email exchange, our source says:

Yes, he will go on-and-on-and-on about his business success. Even before I read your web site, I had my suspicions his success was likely to be exaggerated. He talks like he is a millionaire but does not live like it.

All I know is that he does get business [through the church]. The thing you have to realize is that who you know is more important than what you know. Like I said, this has caused some problems but his customer is far too polite to say something to his face. This website has spread like wildfire among people who know him within the local community, and I think that way of getting business won’t be working much longer.

We have had over 800 unique visitors with IP addresses near Chris (within 50KM). While not a massive amount, this could be a large percentage of the people that Chris knows. The lady had informed me that Chris has connections with the church and this is a way he gets customers.

When asked for her thoughts on Chris before she read this blog, she says:

Chris is all bravado, and shows off far too much. However, when I sense his weakness, it does make me feel genuine compassion towards him. He has a kind of nervous laugh that bursts out at the end of sentences. It’s actually kind of cute! He is also very good with children. They really seem to take to him.

When Chris has an opinion he wants everyone to know about it. This does not help him in making friends. He is not really an easy man to get along with. I have to say, other than the showing off, I used to think he was okay.

When you watch a soap opera, things are easy to understand. The bad characters lurk around corners, smile deviously and raise their eyebrows as the music reaches a crescendo. I’m afraid real life isn’t like that. Bad people do nice things, and nice people do bad things.

We all know Chris does lots of bad things. If I had to guess why, I would say it comes down to the money. Most early-entry domainers have retired or are off leading utterly extravagent lifes. Chris is stuck in his bedroom with his can of diet cola, his computer and his money troubles. He wonders why he is the latter rather than the former. I know Chris…it’s hard. Because you have below average intelligence, you’re never going to find it as easy as some.

Email namecriticscam @ google mail dot com if you:

  • Know Chris and have a story to tell;
  • Have been scammed by Chris;
  • Are Chris and you want to know how to end this thing.


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