Article Content Provider’s Chris McElroy | Namecritic Scams Is Run By A Part-Time Scanner

Posted in Article Content Provider by namecriticscam on December 31, 2008
Chris hard at work

Chris hard at work

Chris claims to be a legend at all areas of internet business. Article Content Provider will write your articles; Blog Content Provider will do your blog posts and SEO service provider will — you guessed it — do your SEO. He can virtually run your entire business for you, if you are willing to pay for it. On the website of the SEO arm of the Namecritic empire, Chris claims that he and his partners can provide any service you need to run your internet business. It all, though, comes at a price: incompetence and failure.

Chris’ early foray into the domain industry earned him his nickname, Namecritic, he claims. We know better, and can only ever find citations of his name used by himself. He made the name up. If Chris had decided to register a domain name like back then, he would be a millionaire. Instead, he is a pathetic old man who does not have two pennies to rub together.

In an exclusive revealed earlier today by Namecritic Scam, we learned that Chris now has a job with  His empire is not even able to support his own wages these days. I wonder how much Namecritic Scam is responsible for that?


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