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John Kerr’s A Fictional Character Or A Moron

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on January 12, 2009

In typical fashion we receive our second ever comment sticking up for Chris, not openly written by Chris or his employees. The first one came from Miami and, shock horror, so too does this one.

John Kerr believes we have too much time on our hands and nobody cares about Chris’ antics. I find that comment to be outrageous, considering Chris has admitted to stealing from a charity. I agree that nobody overly cares that Chris f—s 19 year olds, and can’t hold an erection for a reasonable amount of time. We didn’t start this site with a view to finding out that Chris is incapable of fulfilling his manly duties. That was just a little bonus we came across along the way. In a previous article, we interviewed one of Chris’ neighbors. She seems to think Chris is religious, and this girl thinks his behavior is anything but. It might, therefore, be relevant to Chris’ neighbors and church buddies.

It isn’t just people that have been scammed by Chris who care; people who live near Chris care too. Now we receive lots of traffic from in and around Chris’ area. They want to know what their neighbor is capable of.

Rather than being a mindless idiot like Chris and his cronies, why not address the questions and issues raised in this blog? Why not tell me why Chris stole from his charity, or why Chuck created his Wiki page? There are so many questions that need answered, and yet nobody will answer them. This blog is not going to end this year or next year. It’s going to stick around whether John Kerr likes it or not.

So, John Kerr, if Chris and Chuck are as clean as a whistle, why on earth do we receive visitors to our website with the following search queries:

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“karl hindle” “chuck crawford” 103 More stats
chris mcelroy 71 More stats
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  1. […] Chuck’s losing clients day after day thanks to the diligent efforts of Namecritic Scam, even if we say so ourselves. Customers looking to buy from him are being stopped by us, and his existing customers are realizing Chuck’s a scammer before they get scammed. For some, though, it’ll be too late. I am shocked that in so little time, so many people could come to our website using these search queries. […]

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