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A Textbook Example Of Incomepetence

Posted in Cringeworthy by namecriticscam on January 21, 2009

Around a week ago someone tried to reset the password for this blog and our Google Mail account. We are up against self-professed technology experts, and this is the best they could do! Stupid or incompetent, Chris and Chuck have to learn to move with the times. Resetting passwords manually worked great when everyone used their surname as their password. Most people stopped using tactics like that in 1985. Failure, after failure, after failure. Your luck, Chris, could be about to change.

I know your struggling to get by and you’re feeling down in the dumps after splitting up with the love of your life, but why not treat yourself to a nice book? This could hold the keys to you getting your reputation back on track!

Recommended reading for Namecritic

Recommended reading for Namecritic


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