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Chuck Crawford Sucks…Chris

Posted in Chuck Crawford by namecriticscam on January 23, 2009

Today someone was a searchin’ for Chuck Crawford’s fax number, or so I would imagine. They used the phrase: “Chuck Crawford Web Design fax” to come across our website. That’s bound to suck for Chuck. Now they’ll know the truth about Mexico’s Pablo Escobar of the digital age.

When it comes to web design Chuck sucks, when it comes to Chris and Chuck they both suck each other in equal measure.

When it comes to web design Chuck sucks; when it comes to Chris and Chuck, they both suck each other.

Chuck must feel like Chris has walked on up to him, pulled down his pants and took a long and firm s— on his head. He has then proceeded to rub his hands in said s— and then gently massaged it into Chuck’s breasts and pubic region.

Chuck’s losing clients day after day thanks to the diligent efforts of Namecritic Scam, even if we say so ourselves. Customers looking to buy from him are being stopped by us, and his existing customers are realizing Chuck’s a scammer before they get scammed. For some, though, it’ll be too late. I am shocked that in so little time, so many people could come to our website using these search queries.

It’s gettin’ harder and Chuck’s perturbed. Is it worth keeping company with a man who’s losin’ me money left and right? One thing’s for sure: Chuck’s the daddy. This blog gets almost nearly as many visitors searching for Chuck than Chris, and Chris’ the focal point.


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  1. […] support, but his girlfriend opted to kiss and tell. If that’s not enough, his best buddy is extremely annoyed Chris is costing him business, and he has got a part-time job that pays a meager $5.20 an hour. […]

  2. Jerry said, on March 24, 2010 at 1:43 am

    I would not give Chuck Crawford the sweat off my balls if he were dying of thirst.

    The guy is a flat out crook. If you want to throw your money away contact chuck crawford. The prick built some sites for me without a problem, then when I referred others to him he stole their money. Plus he was to build me another site which he was paid for…total crook.

    Chuck if you are out there, go fuck yourself.

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