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Scammer From Hell, Or Is It That His Customers Are Starting Their Periods?

Posted in Article Content Provider by namecriticscam on January 23, 2009
"Will you still love me if I wet the bed", asks the child fitting Chris' target demographic.

"Will you still love me if I wet the bed", asks the child fitting Chris' prime demographic.

Quantcast’s facts ‘n’ figures on paint a bleak picture. 115 people visit his website each month. The average conversion rate for a website is 2.9%. That means Chris could be getting as many as 3.35 customers a month!

But, hold your horses; it gets worse when we look at the demographic data.  28% of Chris’ customers are under the age of 18, and from that it would be reasonable to assume at least 10% have yet to shave; 3% are currently wearing diapers; 7% still believe in Santa and 6% have wet the bed in the last three months.

We know Chris likes them young, but we don’t think that age group will be doing much article marketing! That means (3.35- 28%) 2.41 buyers a month, when you, perhaps wrongly, assume that age group isn’t already built into the conversion rate.

I actually think Chris getting 2.41 buyers a month from his 115 visits is overly optimistic. The reason being that Chris also runs an article directory on his website, which is bound to be accountable for a large percentage of his traffic. And that, folks, ain’t going to be converting much browsers into buyers. Writers are also going to be paying him visits, and the above referenced article also claims that conversion rates are likely to not be as good among small businesses. And this business is now tiny!

This is yet further proof that Chris is picking up his customers from freelance websites and other platforms outwith his control.


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