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Chris Earns Less Than A McDonalds’ Employee and ‘i’m lovin’ it’

Posted in Chris McElroy by namecriticscam on January 30, 2009


Namecritic claims to have been a journalist in the past, citing 1998 as when he got started. Not many people get involved in journalism when they’re 40, especially when they have no college eduction. But, that didn’t stop Chris!

He says he got started in 1998. He also claims he got started in online business 12 years ago. How does that work out? It was obviously another part-time job. As Chris now works as a virtual assistant, it means one of two things happened: he got sacked, or he headed on to pastures new. Or, there’s the third option. That it is all just a lie to make you believe he’s experienced enough to write articles.

Following our scoop on Chris’ job, an assistant from Assistant For Real Estate has got in touch. We have found out that Kandra pays a whopping $5.20 an hour. That means Chris left his job as a journalist to earn less than a middle manager in Kazakhistan.

Chris is one of the most poorly educated journalists ever to enter the field, if he’s telling the truth. His writing is plagued with comma splices and disagreeing pronouns and antecedents, not to mention those dastardly split infinitives. To put things in perspective, that’s the same as a math teacher who thinks pie is something you eat for a nutritious snack.

I don’t believe he ever worked as a journalist. If he did, he must have got sacked as he now earns $5.20 an hour and he works for a company that helps real estate agencies with their admin. His jobs’s as safe as a nuclear bomb in the hands of Osama Bin Laden.


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