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Steam Coming Out Ears Of Bunny Boiler Namecritic

Posted in Cringeworthy by namecriticscam on February 2, 2009

Serial scammer and entreprenuer-wannabie Chris McElroy’s got lots cooking.  Not only is Chris’ business on life support, but his girlfriend opted to kiss and tell. If that’s not enough, his best buddy is extremely annoyed Chris is costing him business, and he has got a part-time job that pays a meager $5.20 an hour.

Namecritic may struggle to get an erection, but if he doesn't have any problem getting angry.

Namecritic may struggle to get an erection, but he doesn't have any problem getting angry.

Chris has got angry with his ex-girlfriend. Cyndi (pictured here) and Chris broke up because Chris couldn’t accept that she wanted to sleep with other boys at the same time as they were seeing each other. Cyndi thought Chris was being too protective, so she called things off. Following the tragic breakup, Cyndi got in touch with Namecritic Scam to explain the amazing two week journey that the two star-crossed lovers shared. We revealed this to our readers in an exclusive interview with Cyndi.

Naturally, Namecritic ain’t happy that she decided to spill the beans. Now Chris’ failure to get an erection makes him blush; his church buddies now know god comes second only to his shrivled pen-s; and his family and friends think he’s going through an old age crisis, choosing to date someone who is literally young enough to be his granddaughter based on the US age of consent.

Today, in an exclusive with Namecritic Scam, Cyndi has revealed the “tirade of abuse” she has received at the hands of Chris. This, not suprisingly, has contained another bout of empty legal threats from the boy who has cried wolf many a time before. What’s wrong Chris? Too much of a fu–king pussy? Oh wait, it’s probably because you earn $5.20 an hour and couldn’t afford it.

Cyndi has now changed her telephone number after Chris told her to get us to remove our post within 72 hours. Weeks after lavishing her with superlatives, and taking her out for dinner, Chris has now resorted to calling her an “ugly b-tch”. When asked by Namecritic Scam if this hurt her feelings, she replied:

If he didn’t think I was hot, why would he want to date me in the first place? He is just trying to make me feel bad about myself; he’s being a bunny boiler as usual.

After you’re finished boiling bunnies, Chris, you’ve got a business to get off the ground.


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