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Namecritic Humiliated On Twitter

Posted in Speaker Phone by namecriticscam on March 2, 2009
Namecritic Scam rockets by Namecritic on Twitter

Namecritic Scam rockets by Namecritic on Twitter

UPDATE: Namecritic Scam is now known as Namecritic on Twitter, and Chris is now known as chrismcelroyseo.

The social media butterfly — Chris (Clyde) McElroy — has just had his wings violently ripped off. Namecritic Scam now has more followers on Twitter than Namecritic, plotted left. It has now become obvious that people prefer Namecritic Scam to Namecritic. Our website now has more traffic than Chris’ flagship as well.

We are not the first site to take proactive measures to stop a company’s or organization’s unethical behavior. PayPal sucks is one of the web’s leading examples, taking the fight to PayPal. In cases like this, though, I have never heard an example of the anti-company site overtaking the target.

If you ever wanted conclusive proof regarding the depth of Chris’ character, I think this is it. Imagine having more customers that passionately hate you than ones that like you or that are indifferent.


Namecritic’s SEO Radio Interview With Chuck Crawford Web Design Owner

Posted in Chuck Crawford by namecriticscam on March 2, 2009
Chuck Crawford Fails to See The Irony

Chuck Crawford Web Design's Founder Fails to See The Irony

Chris McElroy is the charismatic host of the hit “SEO Radio”, a name he stole from elsewhere (perhaps unintentionally). Of course, the show is not really a hit and Chris McElroy is anything but charismatic. But, the irony doesn’t stop there.

In an interview which can be found on Blog Talk Radio, Namecritic and Chuck Crawford discuss the potential problems when an affiliate program fails to pay their affiliates. Chris asks Chuck for any pointers on how you can find out if the company is above board or swimming with the fishes. Chuck’s solution: search for the company’s name on Google followed by “sucks” and also try it with “receive payment”. What a good idea, thought I.

When I done a search for Chris McElroy sucks and Chuck Crawford sucks, you’ll never guess what I found. Yep, I found negative articles in the top 10 results at the Big G. Not to blow our trumpet too hard but, yes, they were written by Namecritic Scam.