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Chrismcelroyseo Is New Nickname For Namecritic

Posted in Uncategorized by namecriticscam on August 12, 2009

Chris McElroy has been forced to change his nickname to chrismcelroyseo, in turn forcing Namecritic to turn his back on the domain industry. Only two years ago Chris was advocating that clients type in Namecritic to find a footprint of his success. While there was not a single positive article — other than a gratitious Wikipage page written by his friend and later removed by editors — there were countless forum posts and social media profiles created by himself. What credibility does that offer? Zilch. But, now, he can no longer ask clients to search for his name at all. Because, if they do, they will be greeted with scores of negative commentary.

If the conundrum was not difficult enough, Namecritic Scam continues to proactively target clients and contacts of Chris McElroy. So, even if he successfully changes his name, he will still not be able to start afresh. When Chris recently changed his name on Twitter, Namecritic Scam swooped in and grabbed the username Namecritic.

Legal threats have been on the menu before, and now they have surfaced again. In a recent Tweet, Chris mentioned:

anyone following the username “namecritic” that is not me. He is posting libel. It will be dealt with. He is an anonymous coward.

You said you were going to take down every single one of us in August 2007. As Namecritic Scam correctly predicted at the time, that is simply not going to happen!


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  1. Ionel said, on August 20, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    Chris McElroy runs around the internet commenting about this and that on all of his buddies blogs. His comments are inane, and I’m glad that I found this site, because I was trying to figure out what his deal is. Now I know.

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