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Namecritic’s SEO Radio Interview With Chuck Crawford Web Design Owner

Posted in Chuck Crawford by namecriticscam on March 2, 2009
Chuck Crawford Fails to See The Irony

Chuck Crawford Web Design's Founder Fails to See The Irony

Chris McElroy is the charismatic host of the hit “SEO Radio”, a name he stole from elsewhere (perhaps unintentionally). Of course, the show is not really a hit and Chris McElroy is anything but charismatic. But, the irony doesn’t stop there.

In an interview which can be found on Blog Talk Radio, Namecritic and Chuck Crawford discuss the potential problems when an affiliate program fails to pay their affiliates. Chris asks Chuck for any pointers on how you can find out if the company is above board or swimming with the fishes. Chuck’s solution: search for the company’s name on Google followed by “sucks” and also try it with “receive payment”. What a good idea, thought I.

When I done a search for Chris McElroy sucks and Chuck Crawford sucks, you’ll never guess what I found. Yep, I found negative articles in the top 10 results at the Big G. Not to blow our trumpet too hard but, yes, they were written by Namecritic Scam.


Chuck Crawford Sucks…Chris

Posted in Chuck Crawford by namecriticscam on January 23, 2009

Today someone was a searchin’ for Chuck Crawford’s fax number, or so I would imagine. They used the phrase: “Chuck Crawford Web Design fax” to come across our website. That’s bound to suck for Chuck. Now they’ll know the truth about Mexico’s Pablo Escobar of the digital age.

When it comes to web design Chuck sucks, when it comes to Chris and Chuck they both suck each other in equal measure.

When it comes to web design Chuck sucks; when it comes to Chris and Chuck, they both suck each other.

Chuck must feel like Chris has walked on up to him, pulled down his pants and took a long and firm s— on his head. He has then proceeded to rub his hands in said s— and then gently massaged it into Chuck’s breasts and pubic region.

Chuck’s losing clients day after day thanks to the diligent efforts of Namecritic Scam, even if we say so ourselves. Customers looking to buy from him are being stopped by us, and his existing customers are realizing Chuck’s a scammer before they get scammed. For some, though, it’ll be too late. I am shocked that in so little time, so many people could come to our website using these search queries.

It’s gettin’ harder and Chuck’s perturbed. Is it worth keeping company with a man who’s losin’ me money left and right? One thing’s for sure: Chuck’s the daddy. This blog gets almost nearly as many visitors searching for Chuck than Chris, and Chris’ the focal point.

Chuck Crawford is a Charlatan Douchebag (so too is Chris McElroy)

Posted in Chuck Crawford by namecriticscam on November 6, 2008

Help! Have I been scammed? asks a person on their journey to internet riches. Chuck Crawford — Fat Face Chubby Cheeks — must be sitting back in Mexico (or Texas?) smoking a cigar and telling his friends about the easy money available online. The guy doesn’t win much business these days, but he manages to get his hands on some. And when he does, it’s the easiest money going.

I don’t think Chuck has moved to Texas. I think he used to live there or he uses that address to route his mail to Mexico. Maybe this information will be helpful for our innocent husband and wife team on their search for a refund.

They also found out that Chuck was kind enough to register the WHOIS details in his own name, and I see their website is hosted on his own server (or so he would like you to think).

If Chuck’s claims were true he would own the 18th biggest company in Latin America. Chuck operates from his bedroom (fact) and likes to create the impression he has a m0ther fuck3r of a server farm and is Mexico’s answer to Google when it comes to employment.

He either uses his old laptop as his server or he owns a reseller account. My educated guess points towards the latter.

Chuck Crawford claims to have worked with hundreds of businesses. Many of which are in the Fortune 500. Really? Ask him who he has worked with and he’ll tell you his arms are tied by a confidentiality agreement. How convenient! All of his competitors are able to show off their work on their portfolio or client page, but Chuck can’t. What a shame.

I am able to confirm that Chuck also lies about his clients. He claims to have worked on to some of his clients — only via email and over the phone. He has done this at least twice. We know this to be a fib.

Chris McElroy is happy to recommend everyone on earth to Fat Face Chubby Cheeks. However, you’ll notice that his websites aren’t created by Chuck. If this isn’t a wake up call to everyone, what on earth is?

Incestual Marketing Or Brotherly Love?

Posted in Chuck Crawford by namecriticscam on March 18, 2008

Imagine if you told people someone was really great. And imagine if that person told people you were really great. Recipricol recommendations if you will. What if you promoted someone else’s business for them, and they promoted your business for you? Wouldn’t the message be that little bit stronger? That’s the idea that Chuck (fat b@$t@rd) Crawford and Chris McElrory (Namecritic) thought when they started spamming the hell out forums promoting each others services. The result? A roaring success. With one notable exception.

Just like with link building, though, recipricol linking has to get a little bit more sophisticated. On this occasion, Melissa enters the fray. Notice how Chris gets the chance to mention how really very busy he is. Well in that case he must be a reputable guy, right? Wrong. And worse still, he admits it.

The amatuer SEO tactics used by Chris have already started catching up with him in the SERPs. He’s got one client pulled already. And let’s face it, his aren’t looking too pretty either.

More Fun And Games – Chuck Creates Wiki Page For Chris

Posted in Chuck Crawford by namecriticscam on March 16, 2008

Chuck Crawford is a long term loyal-ish friend of Chris. There are many examples on the web of both of them promoting the hell out of each other in forums. In fact, the only positive mentions of Chris on the internet (other than by his directly employed staff) are made by Mr Crawford. This is strange for someone ‘reputable’ who has been in sales for 30 years, and been online for 12 of those.

In the comments of this blog you will find people who have been ripped off by Chris after being referred by Chuck. And vice versa. I came across this page recently. It is a link that Chuck posted (via his profile) to a Wikipedia article on Chris.

The page has now been deleted by Wiki contributors. They said, among other things:

“Non-notable biography page, contains four links to pages the subject has created. Google turns up millions of Chris McElroys but not this one.”

This wikipedia user had the same problem as us. He couldn’t find any material on Chris McElroy either. If they had searched for Namecritic, though, they would have found his profile (created by him) on many sites. The article got labelled as an advert and spam.

On the Propeller page, Chris says:

wow. thanks. some people want to delete me and others want to give me an entry. I guess it really doesn’t matter much. I apopreciate whoever wrote the entry and appreciate the bookmark either way.

It’s funny he should say that, considering Chuck posted the link to Propeller in order to promote the article. And it’s clear from reading the article it was written by thegiftedone. This is Chuck’s username on many sites, and also the name of one of his websites.

Chuck mentions Chris’s charity work as a reason to keep the page up and running. The wiki contributors probably didn’t read this and this.  And, even worse, this.

People who read this site will probably wonder if Chris got Chuck to create a wikipedia page in order to help tackle the little problem that’s going on with his search engine results pages. You see, if you search for namecritic, you may notice that some of the people he has scammed are revoluting against him. A wikipedia page on the scammer would certainly jump up near the top.