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Banned From Twitter, But Only For A While

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on February 24, 2009
Namecritic Scam's ban didn't last forever

Namecritic Scam's ban didn't last forever

On the 13th of January, Namecritic Scam was banned from Twitter. This was a sad day for Namecritic Scam, following our meaninful success in attacking Chris’ reputation among his nearest and dearest followers. Now, I am able to reveal that our profile is back up and running. I sent my first tweet in Chris’ direction. I patiently await a response.

Twitter provided a great way to make Chris’ fans aware of who we are and what we do. The volume of traffic has been relatively impressive. Just as Namecritic Scam destroys Saint Christopher in the search engine results pages, things are certainly heading in that direction on Twitter too. At the time of writing this post, we have 107 followers to his 160. Chris likes to pretend he understands social media, much the same way as he claims to understand SEO. An internet marketer who understands neither doesn’t have much to offer their clients.

Chris’ tweets usually involve him pimping one of his blogs. The blogs cover such insightful topics as: “Things To Do In The Elevator”. He also tweets links to political pieces. That’s all well and good provided you can do two things: provide an exclusive or offer insightful opinion. As Chris works as a real estate assistant most of the time, and scams people the rest, it’s unlikely he will have much time to work his White House sources. Chris likes to kick and scream, but insightful commentary can only come from measured thought and clear communication. Chris is incapable of either. His writing is so poor, Namecritic Scam questioned his claims to having been a journalist in a investigative piece dated January 30th, 2009:

His writing is plagued with comma splices and disagreeing pronouns and antecedents, not to mention those dastardly split infinitives. To put things in perspective, that’s the same as a math teacher who thinks pie is something you eat for a nutritious snack.

What role did Chris play in getting us banned from Twitter? According to a Sam Freedom article there are four primary reasons why this could occur. In our instance, number 2 and 4 look most likely:

  1. you’ve followed a large number of people in a short amount of time
  2. there is a small number of followers compared to number of people you’re following
  3. the updates consist mainly of links and not personal updates
  4. a large number of users blocking the profile and writing in with spam complaints

As our number of followers increases, so too does our resistance to getting banned. Namecritic Scam’s back in the game.


John Kerr’s A Fictional Character Or A Moron

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on January 12, 2009

In typical fashion we receive our second ever comment sticking up for Chris, not openly written by Chris or his employees. The first one came from Miami and, shock horror, so too does this one.

John Kerr believes we have too much time on our hands and nobody cares about Chris’ antics. I find that comment to be outrageous, considering Chris has admitted to stealing from a charity. I agree that nobody overly cares that Chris f—s 19 year olds, and can’t hold an erection for a reasonable amount of time. We didn’t start this site with a view to finding out that Chris is incapable of fulfilling his manly duties. That was just a little bonus we came across along the way. In a previous article, we interviewed one of Chris’ neighbors. She seems to think Chris is religious, and this girl thinks his behavior is anything but. It might, therefore, be relevant to Chris’ neighbors and church buddies.

It isn’t just people that have been scammed by Chris who care; people who live near Chris care too. Now we receive lots of traffic from in and around Chris’ area. They want to know what their neighbor is capable of.

Rather than being a mindless idiot like Chris and his cronies, why not address the questions and issues raised in this blog? Why not tell me why Chris stole from his charity, or why Chuck created his Wiki page? There are so many questions that need answered, and yet nobody will answer them. This blog is not going to end this year or next year. It’s going to stick around whether John Kerr likes it or not.

So, John Kerr, if Chris and Chuck are as clean as a whistle, why on earth do we receive visitors to our website with the following search queries:

namecritic 106 More stats
“karl hindle” “chuck crawford” 103 More stats
chris mcelroy 71 More stats
chuck crawford scam 50 More stats
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How To: Destory Someone’s Credability Using Twitter

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on January 10, 2009

Chris McElroy is a notorious scammer among certain circles, however some of the people he’s closest to haven’t heard of his deepest, darkest secret. Chris has stolen money from charity and lots of other evil stuff. He is the owner and chief bottle washer for Namecritic Inc, the company behind such services as Article Content Provider. We wanted a quick and effective way to communicate this message, causing maximum impact.

  1. The first phase was to set up a Namecritic Twitter account. I decided to personalize it with a picture and background image fitting to Namecritic’s character and our purpose.
  2. Secondly, I checked out who Chris is following and, more importantly, who is following him. This is a great way to get an idea of the people I would like to target.
  3. I started following the people in Chris’ social circle. They all seemed very friendly, and I started to interact with them.
  4. 5 hours later and this website has had 620 visitors from Twitter.

Twitter made it possible for me to lazer-target the exact demographic I was looking for: people who know Chris. I have already received a flood of direct messages from people who know him.

Twitter is a powerful tool to target someone’s social network and destroy their credability quickly. Over 5% of Chris’ Twitter followers have already sent me a message, and the majority will have already read what I have to say.  If that’s what can be done in 5 hours, what can be done in 5 weeks?

Exclusive: Namecritic’s Neighbor Chats With Namecritic Scam

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on November 21, 2008

Namecritic Scam received an email on the 16th of October from a women claiming to be a neighbor of Chris. My mouth started to drip like Chuck Crawford’s might at the site of a delicious snack, pictured below.

Chuck Crawfords Idea Of A Diet

Chuck Crawford's Idea Of A Diet - Courtesy of D LeRoy

When you want to keep your identity under wraps, and so too does the source, it can be hard to validate their legitimacy and motive. As we have seen in the past, Chris will go to great lengths to take us down. After some initial trepidation, this lady accepted my offer of sending a letter to her address containing a code she would later have to validate via email. She’s confirmed it, but that’s really all I am able to validate about this source. While we would usually endeavor to uncover more about a source, I think there’s a good chance she knows Chris personally. She lives within 1.5KM of his house.

Her email says:

Like you say on your web site, Chris does tell everyone he is known as Namecritic because he is good at picking internet names! While he is not known by this nickname locally, I have heard it mentioned before.  Your comments about his charity aren’t entirely true. I have good reason to believe that he has done some genuinely charitable work. While I would never donate to his charity based on your comments, I do feel that you don’t see the full picture here.

Your website is currently the talk of my neighborhood! Everyone and their dog has seen it.

While he may have done the odd charitable deed, we know with absolute certainty that he has paid his writers through his charity. He admitted this in the comments of this blog. This is unacceptable behavior and deserves to be noted.

In a later email exchange, our source says:

Yes, he will go on-and-on-and-on about his business success. Even before I read your web site, I had my suspicions his success was likely to be exaggerated. He talks like he is a millionaire but does not live like it.

All I know is that he does get business [through the church]. The thing you have to realize is that who you know is more important than what you know. Like I said, this has caused some problems but his customer is far too polite to say something to his face. This website has spread like wildfire among people who know him within the local community, and I think that way of getting business won’t be working much longer.

We have had over 800 unique visitors with IP addresses near Chris (within 50KM). While not a massive amount, this could be a large percentage of the people that Chris knows. The lady had informed me that Chris has connections with the church and this is a way he gets customers.

When asked for her thoughts on Chris before she read this blog, she says:

Chris is all bravado, and shows off far too much. However, when I sense his weakness, it does make me feel genuine compassion towards him. He has a kind of nervous laugh that bursts out at the end of sentences. It’s actually kind of cute! He is also very good with children. They really seem to take to him.

When Chris has an opinion he wants everyone to know about it. This does not help him in making friends. He is not really an easy man to get along with. I have to say, other than the showing off, I used to think he was okay.

When you watch a soap opera, things are easy to understand. The bad characters lurk around corners, smile deviously and raise their eyebrows as the music reaches a crescendo. I’m afraid real life isn’t like that. Bad people do nice things, and nice people do bad things.

We all know Chris does lots of bad things. If I had to guess why, I would say it comes down to the money. Most early-entry domainers have retired or are off leading utterly extravagent lifes. Chris is stuck in his bedroom with his can of diet cola, his computer and his money troubles. He wonders why he is the latter rather than the former. I know Chris…it’s hard. Because you have below average intelligence, you’re never going to find it as easy as some.

Email namecriticscam @ google mail dot com if you:

  • Know Chris and have a story to tell;
  • Have been scammed by Chris;
  • Are Chris and you want to know how to end this thing.

The 49 Year Old Boy Who Cried Wolf – Legal Threats Are On The Menu

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on March 21, 2008

Chris (Namecritic) McElroy, and Chuck (chubby cheeks) Crawford know how to dish out legal threats. They have made their fair share of them over the years. If someone makes legal threats and doesn’t follow through with them, it’s usually because:

1. They can’t afford to.

2. They are too lazy to follow through with it when the heat’s gone from the situation. So, take from that, revenge is a dish best served cold unless you’re lazy.

We all know that Chuck & Co are lazy and poor. So it could be either. One ex-staffer reports how Chris had to wait 2 weeks to pay her $40 he owed. At least she was paid though, unlike others. Beans and toast are probably, mostly, on the menu at the McElroy household.

Let’s take a look at some of the legal threats that Chris and his fu3k buddy devoted lover have served up.

1. Chris took the approach that this blog is great for him. He posted in the comments that it is good that he is getting so much publicity. Then why would he send us a cease and desist then? The cease and desist was a copy and paste job from a template site. In all fairness to Chris though, at least he made good use of the limited resources he has. What’s so funny is that he didn’t even know who to address the cease and desist to. But, Chris, I thought you knew who we were? The douchebag said this on our about us page. Chris is too busy peacocking to notice his infastructure falling apart. If you ever do build up the moolah to take us to court, you’ll need to find us first.

2. Our friends received comments galore on this post. Chris speaks under the assumption the post will be coming down. Funny I am able to access it literally over 6 months later – another example of Chris being too poor, lazy or stupid to get it done. It’s also worthy of note that none of his loyal clients have been in touch, despite him saying that they will. Some of the clients mentioned in the post, though, no longer use his services. Why is that Chris? Not a rhetorical question.

You know, it isn’t just my lawyer that will be coming after you now. Several clients of mine are about to nail you. I’m looking forward to it. You think you remained anonymous? LOL. You do not know the web at all.

3. Chuck Crawford said this and nothing has came of it. Also Chuck, we forgive your spelling mistakes since you don’t claim to be a writer. However, we don’t forgive yours Chris. We’ll leave that for a slow news day.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to let the world know how much of a sleeze you are. I’ll be sure and put your information site back online so that the world knows a hell of a lot more about your sleezy ass. See, I can prove you are a liar and a theif. I’ll not only sue you, I’ll have you arrested. So keep on slandering me. It will cost you dearly once we get into court.

This didn’t turn out to be true either. Just like with promises of completed projects, search engine rankings and all-else, when you get told something from this posse you shouldn’t believe it.

Q: So why make this post when you might just give them the energy they need to take things to the next level against the very people you are protecting?

A: Great question self. I am glad you asked. I wanted to illustrate to the many people who are scared of the threats they have received, that nothing will come of it. If you do have a worry, shoot me an email and I will let you know what I think. Some of our readers have pending legal action against them, and in that instance you are best to keep your identity under wraps until that is over.

For all of you who like number crunching here’s the sums that prove my point:

Chris + Legal Threats = the size of Chuck’s stomach * -1.

Chuck + legal threats = the number of happy clients they have had – the number of unhappy clients they have had

Chris + Chuck + Legal Threats = The amount of missing children they’ve has rescued this millenium.


If There Ever Was A Namecritic Brand It’s Dead In The Water

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on March 19, 2008

Chris McElroy, the internet scammer, who runs web businesses such as Article Content Provider and Blog Content Provider has just been destroyed at his own game. And, folks, it’s bound to hurt bad.

The web vetran, who has been strutting his stuff online for 12 years, has got killed in a few months through customers who appear to know a little bit more about SEO than the owner of SEO Service Provider. Chris was obviously too busy scamming people to read reputation management 101.

In all fairness to Chris, though, he has tried some of these tactics. In the days following NamecriticScams and other similar blogs going to press, Chris was desperately building spammy blogger ( and wordpress sites to take control of his name. Where are they now? They are no where to be seen. A bit like client’s of Chris.

He was already in control of an exact match domain too. But that doesn’t appear to be helping him much. Some of the bloggers who write negative stuff about Chris even link out to him, and that isn’t helping either. How much more hand-holding do you need? According to his sales pitch, he has hundreds of clients dominating the SERPs. Let’s not forget he has had an eleven year head-start too.

But, let’s face it. It’s not the same Chris that we crossed swords with all those months ago. Sure, the complaints are still coming in hard and fast but the energy’s gone. From his website he is no longer suggesting clients should Google his name as an indication of the trust he has built up over the years. He realises driving traffic to our sites is stupid. And he realises he is unlikely to recover. After all, he is nearly 50 we hear.

Most people who have been on the web for 12 years have got an exit under their belt, or at least a healthy collection of assets to flaunt. Not Chris. He picked the hard route. Scamming and spamming might take you to six figures, maybe seven, but you’re not going to get a liquidity event worth shouting about when you’re always swimming against the tide. We have reason to believe his company turnover is sub $100K. And based on how much freelancers he employs, don’t expect any Christmas bonus when you work for the Content Provider family of sites.

As people like Frank have a few grand to spend on a domain here and there, with 8 figures on the balance sheet, Chris has to scam small business owners out of their pocket money. He must be the poorest early entry domainer I know. For those who are not familiar that is how he got the name Namecritic. The first citation of this was, of course, coined by himself. But that’s not what he’d like you to think. He claims, on his blog, this was because he was an expert at evaulating domain names. As other domain evaluators prospered Namecritic done the polar opposite. Now, what he considered his only asset, the Namecritic brand, is dead.

Maybe Chris should head over to GoDaddy and start looking to see if he can grab the .com on a new web moniker. How does tw@!face sound?

Through following this link you are taken to a version of Google which is not tainted by geo-targetting. A simple query for Namecritic will show you that all you’ll find about Chris online is negative information and profile pages in the top ten. Three of the results I see, as of today’s date, are publications about the poor service he offers. In my local results, it’s looking even worse.

What will make it even harder for Chris is that he has been beaten at his own game. Blogging. Chris, you have just been pulverised.

Blog Content Provider – Another Scam With Namecritic’s Name On It

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on August 28, 2007

One of the reasons why people pay for quality content is to get links. If that’s the case why does Chris not just get his army of writers on the job, and stop using spammy link building techniques. Like what? Linking his client blogs to his own sites. used a spammy link network to help to get their clients rankings, before many of the sites got wiped out.  Blog Content Provider clients aren’t the only ones to suffer as a result of Namecritic Inc’s black hat activities.

And Chris, your living in a dream world if you really think article marketing and forum posting are the way to get quality links. I also noticed you have tried your hand at writing viral content for social media – as expected, you have failed miserably.

Clients of Chris, read this too.

Namecritic Admits in Comments to Kid Search Network Fraud

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on August 21, 2007

Chris has came by and ADMITTED HE USED HIS CHARITY TO PAY A WRITER.  He claims this was a one-off event, but we already have managed to find two sources for this story before we were prepared to run with it.

Here is his comment:

4. The matter of paying writers through it was temporary and done long ago. They do not get paid that way now and the funds they were paid were supplied by me. I had only one way to pay the writer you mention because they could not accept any payment otherwise. I did them a favor.

And just in case anyone was thinking this blog is BS by someone who hates Chris. Let’s look at the facts we have managed to establish this far….

– Chris is actually posting replies on this blog. If you don’t believe us go and check out his personal blog. He says it there.

– He admits that he has used his charity to pay A freelancer in the past. THIS IS SURELY SHOCKING ENOUGH. However we know it has went on more than that. He has paid his company’s bills with his charity’s bank account.

– We have also established that we check our sources. If you thought we were lying about the Kid Search Network payment issues entirely, then look at the information Chris has provided – he has admitted our revelation is true.

Chris why don’t you link to to the last post from the Kid Search Network site? Let people know the accusations being made.

Shocking Truth About Namecritic’s Charity Scam Through The Kid Search Network

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on August 20, 2007

You may have read this post about Chris’s charity scam but they are much worse than that. This is as low and as dirty as it gets – even for Namecritic. We have just been sent proof by a writer who is employed by Chris McElroy – and still employed by Chris. They are actually a freelancer writer, not an employee. From what we know he has no employees, only freelancers. This means no pension, no life insurance, no medical cover, nothing. Only McDonalds wages for the pleasure of working at home.

They have sent us proof that their wages were paid by… Not Namecritic Inc …Not Chris McElroy…but The Kid Search Network. Now we knew there was something up when donations were not tax deductable. However, if he is paying his writers using the Kid Search Network then he will be offsetting them against his donations — or could be.

We obviously knew something was dodgy with this charity. But we thought he probably justified it to himself through saying the donations covered HIS WAGE. But now we find out he is paying his writers out of that entity. Let’s hear what the man has to say.

Although Chris has been kind enough to leave legal threats on this blog, and on the other blog, he is yet to actually answer any questions. If he does, we may start to think of him as a scammer with bottle — can’t see it though. He called us out for being scared, so we answered it. We call him out for things and he doesn’t answer. You would think a writer would be more articulate. But someone who is willing to sell himself on is usually either a beginner, a person from a third world country, or someone who is trying to make ends meet from not being able to sell his services at a decent price – and as he is from Florida, and has been on the net for 12 years, lets opt for the last.


Who is namecritic?

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on August 17, 2007

namecritic is the nickname that was coined by Chris McElroy for Chris McElroy. Although he would like you to think that this name was made for him, rather than by him, we happen to know differently. He encourages people to search for his name using search engines. We done this and could only come up with results from his own blogs and forum posts.