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Namecritic Humiliated On Twitter

Posted in Speaker Phone by namecriticscam on March 2, 2009
Namecritic Scam rockets by Namecritic on Twitter

Namecritic Scam rockets by Namecritic on Twitter

UPDATE: Namecritic Scam is now known as Namecritic on Twitter, and Chris is now known as chrismcelroyseo.

The social media butterfly — Chris (Clyde) McElroy — has just had his wings violently ripped off. Namecritic Scam now has more followers on Twitter than Namecritic, plotted left. It has now become obvious that people prefer Namecritic Scam to Namecritic. Our website now has more traffic than Chris’ flagship as well.

We are not the first site to take proactive measures to stop a company’s or organization’s unethical behavior. PayPal sucks is one of the web’s leading examples, taking the fight to PayPal. In cases like this, though, I have never heard an example of the anti-company site overtaking the target.

If you ever wanted conclusive proof regarding the depth of Chris’ character, I think this is it. Imagine having more customers that passionately hate you than ones that like you or that are indifferent.


The Power Of Search: A Case Study In Shooting Yourself In The Foot

Posted in Speaker Phone by namecriticscam on May 15, 2008

How people find out the truth about Chris McElroy (Namecritic) and his partner in crime. Our stats follow:

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Update On What is Happening In Namecritic’s Demise

Posted in Speaker Phone by namecriticscam on August 22, 2007

Chris McElroy’s demise is going to be a painful one. The web guru has attempted to leverage his reputation for years, and he’s so mighty proud of it.
Look at the SERP for namecritic scam. Up we pop. Chris has attempted to cover this up by making blog posts about the topic of scams with his own name intertwined. Clever? In principle yes. But as all you MBAs know, it all comes down to the execution and Chris scores a big-fat F for that.

Chris, what ever happened to editorial integrity? I suppose that’s the least of your worries when you use donations to prop-up profitability on the income statement. If the donations can’t come into the company from the top-line, they can still feed through to the bottom. And you thought the nice blokes over at Enron new a thing or two about cooking the books. Chris just opened a new chapter.

A new man stepped into the ring today. And guess what? Yep. He takes our side over namecritic. Doesn’t have just as much unbridled hatred for Chris, but he’s still nice enough to mention he’s an ego-maniac.

Today we got this post from Karl in which he details the steps he has been taking in terms of the namecritic charity scam. Again, very interesting information. And someone who is speaking out in public. What’s that Chris? People are too scared to say who they really are? As they saying goes, if you say something enough we’re bound to believe it.


Posted in Speaker Phone by namecriticscam on August 20, 2007

It turns out that someone has already started a blog who has had problems with namecritic. Please feel free to check this out. We have had over 10 people get in touch with us in the 2 days since the site has launched, and we will be hearing their story soon. Everyones comments must be verified – so this can take some time. We must firstly be provided with evidence that they have worked with, or for, Chris, and from there we will accept their story.

We apologize for the time that this will take, however it is important that our site remains pure, to the point, and factual. Please note that Chris has been kind enough to leave a comment here so feel free to read it. This is in the tone we have come to expect from Chris.