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First SEO Consultants’ Michael Thomas Is An Idiot

Posted in Uncategorized by namecriticscam on August 23, 2009

First SEO Consultants is often mocked in the internet marketing community for only being able to assist clients in the real estate industry. In the current economic climate, the business is struggling to survive according to recent filings. They choose to only represent clients in the real estate industry and their over-exposure to this is the reason they use to justify being on the brink of failure, citing the particular vulnerability of the real estate sector. While Michael Thomas be the laughing stock of the SEO industry based on this decision, he is also taking heat for another decision he made in March of this year.

Chris McElroy — the notious scammer — has few friends left. However, Michael Thomas is considered one of those. While Chris has been shunned from many online communities since revelations about him stealing from a charity, Michael feels Chris has been treated unfairly. While his capacity for forgiveness is — in some ways — admirable, we do not feel his treatment of Peter Arrington is fair.

Chris McElroy has always said the Namecritic Scam staff are anonmymous cowards, drawing reference to our failure to publicly reveal our identity. The reason for this can be found in the treatment that Peter Arrington has suffered since speaking out about the poor service he received from Chris’ company. Peter Arrington had his websites banned from Google and other search engines after using the SEO services of Chris McElroy. When Peter decided to speak out about the poor service he received, he was sent legal letters and death threats from Chris and his perfectly rotund friend Chuck Crawford.

Chris always says that all of his enemies are disgruntled ex-employees, but Peter Arrington was a client of Chris’ and did not work for him at all. His anger comes from having his websites banned from Google. Michael Thomas — in defending Article Content Provider — said:

“I don’t think it is fair that if Peter Arrington is a disgruntled employee that he slander his ex-employer in this manner”

Note the way he said “if Peter Arrington”. As you know perfectly well Michael, he is not. If you really think he is an ex-employee, I ask that you deliver the evidence that helped you to even consider that suggestion. If not, we will shall assume this was done to deceive the reader.

Michael Thomas then went on to say:

In fact, I think it reflects poorly on Peter, and I hope he considers this when applying for future employment at any other firm – as I am sure this posting would appear when searching his name on the web. I can’t imagine an employer that would touch him with a ten foot pole – but that’s jsut my opinion. Nice work Peter 🙂

Let me repeat, Peter Arrington never worked for Chris McElroy. He bought services from him! He owns his own business and therefore has nothing to worry about when it comes to what his employer will think. He is unlikely to sack himself on the grounds of a lie that you are helping Chris to fabricate.

Imagine if you had a problem with your Xbox 360 and you posted about your upset online. Would you expect Microsoft’s CEO Steve Balmer to deliver death threats to your door? Unlikely. Furthermore, would you expect Steve Balmer’s CEO friends (aka Michael Thomas in this case) to jump on the bandwagon and rigiriously defend the performance of the Xbox even though they don’t have a clue what happened? Would it then be okay for the friends of the CEO to suggest an ulterior motive for the complaint and scare the person into thinking that their complaint could stop them from being able to find a job going forward? Even though First SEO Consultants and Article Content Provider may be small potatoes, that does not provide them with license to ridicule and attack someone on the grounds that they disrupt Chris’ idealic persona of old.

There is also plenty of juicy irony in Michael’s commnents. He suggests that Peter will be without a job on the grounds of reputation management issues in his search engine results pages. This turned out to be a complete lie as the page is nowhere to be found when you search for Peter’s name. However, when you search for Chris McElroy, Namecritic or Article Content Provider, guess what you find? Yep. You find material supplementing the views apparently fabricated by Peter. Gentleman, those that win in the rankings win the war. As SEOs, both of you should know that. Unlucky on an epic failure and three cheers to Peter Arrington.


Chrismcelroyseo Is New Nickname For Namecritic

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Chris McElroy has been forced to change his nickname to chrismcelroyseo, in turn forcing Namecritic to turn his back on the domain industry. Only two years ago Chris was advocating that clients type in Namecritic to find a footprint of his success. While there was not a single positive article — other than a gratitious Wikipage page written by his friend and later removed by editors — there were countless forum posts and social media profiles created by himself. What credibility does that offer? Zilch. But, now, he can no longer ask clients to search for his name at all. Because, if they do, they will be greeted with scores of negative commentary.

If the conundrum was not difficult enough, Namecritic Scam continues to proactively target clients and contacts of Chris McElroy. So, even if he successfully changes his name, he will still not be able to start afresh. When Chris recently changed his name on Twitter, Namecritic Scam swooped in and grabbed the username Namecritic.

Legal threats have been on the menu before, and now they have surfaced again. In a recent Tweet, Chris mentioned:

anyone following the username “namecritic” that is not me. He is posting libel. It will be dealt with. He is an anonymous coward.

You said you were going to take down every single one of us in August 2007. As Namecritic Scam correctly predicted at the time, that is simply not going to happen!