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Scammer From Hell, Or Is It That His Customers Are Starting Their Periods?

Posted in Article Content Provider by namecriticscam on January 23, 2009
"Will you still love me if I wet the bed", asks the child fitting Chris' target demographic.

"Will you still love me if I wet the bed", asks the child fitting Chris' prime demographic.

Quantcast’s facts ‘n’ figures on paint a bleak picture. 115 people visit his website each month. The average conversion rate for a website is 2.9%. That means Chris could be getting as many as 3.35 customers a month!

But, hold your horses; it gets worse when we look at the demographic data.  28% of Chris’ customers are under the age of 18, and from that it would be reasonable to assume at least 10% have yet to shave; 3% are currently wearing diapers; 7% still believe in Santa and 6% have wet the bed in the last three months.

We know Chris likes them young, but we don’t think that age group will be doing much article marketing! That means (3.35- 28%) 2.41 buyers a month, when you, perhaps wrongly, assume that age group isn’t already built into the conversion rate.

I actually think Chris getting 2.41 buyers a month from his 115 visits is overly optimistic. The reason being that Chris also runs an article directory on his website, which is bound to be accountable for a large percentage of his traffic. And that, folks, ain’t going to be converting much browsers into buyers. Writers are also going to be paying him visits, and the above referenced article also claims that conversion rates are likely to not be as good among small businesses. And this business is now tiny!

This is yet further proof that Chris is picking up his customers from freelance websites and other platforms outwith his control.

Chuck Crawford Sucks…Chris

Posted in Chuck Crawford by namecriticscam on January 23, 2009

Today someone was a searchin’ for Chuck Crawford’s fax number, or so I would imagine. They used the phrase: “Chuck Crawford Web Design fax” to come across our website. That’s bound to suck for Chuck. Now they’ll know the truth about Mexico’s Pablo Escobar of the digital age.

When it comes to web design Chuck sucks, when it comes to Chris and Chuck they both suck each other in equal measure.

When it comes to web design Chuck sucks; when it comes to Chris and Chuck, they both suck each other.

Chuck must feel like Chris has walked on up to him, pulled down his pants and took a long and firm s— on his head. He has then proceeded to rub his hands in said s— and then gently massaged it into Chuck’s breasts and pubic region.

Chuck’s losing clients day after day thanks to the diligent efforts of Namecritic Scam, even if we say so ourselves. Customers looking to buy from him are being stopped by us, and his existing customers are realizing Chuck’s a scammer before they get scammed. For some, though, it’ll be too late. I am shocked that in so little time, so many people could come to our website using these search queries.

It’s gettin’ harder and Chuck’s perturbed. Is it worth keeping company with a man who’s losin’ me money left and right? One thing’s for sure: Chuck’s the daddy. This blog gets almost nearly as many visitors searching for Chuck than Chris, and Chris’ the focal point.

A Textbook Example Of Incomepetence

Posted in Cringeworthy by namecriticscam on January 21, 2009

Around a week ago someone tried to reset the password for this blog and our Google Mail account. We are up against self-professed technology experts, and this is the best they could do! Stupid or incompetent, Chris and Chuck have to learn to move with the times. Resetting passwords manually worked great when everyone used their surname as their password. Most people stopped using tactics like that in 1985. Failure, after failure, after failure. Your luck, Chris, could be about to change.

I know your struggling to get by and you’re feeling down in the dumps after splitting up with the love of your life, but why not treat yourself to a nice book? This could hold the keys to you getting your reputation back on track!

Recommended reading for Namecritic

Recommended reading for Namecritic

John Kerr’s A Fictional Character Or A Moron

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on January 12, 2009

In typical fashion we receive our second ever comment sticking up for Chris, not openly written by Chris or his employees. The first one came from Miami and, shock horror, so too does this one.

John Kerr believes we have too much time on our hands and nobody cares about Chris’ antics. I find that comment to be outrageous, considering Chris has admitted to stealing from a charity. I agree that nobody overly cares that Chris f—s 19 year olds, and can’t hold an erection for a reasonable amount of time. We didn’t start this site with a view to finding out that Chris is incapable of fulfilling his manly duties. That was just a little bonus we came across along the way. In a previous article, we interviewed one of Chris’ neighbors. She seems to think Chris is religious, and this girl thinks his behavior is anything but. It might, therefore, be relevant to Chris’ neighbors and church buddies.

It isn’t just people that have been scammed by Chris who care; people who live near Chris care too. Now we receive lots of traffic from in and around Chris’ area. They want to know what their neighbor is capable of.

Rather than being a mindless idiot like Chris and his cronies, why not address the questions and issues raised in this blog? Why not tell me why Chris stole from his charity, or why Chuck created his Wiki page? There are so many questions that need answered, and yet nobody will answer them. This blog is not going to end this year or next year. It’s going to stick around whether John Kerr likes it or not.

So, John Kerr, if Chris and Chuck are as clean as a whistle, why on earth do we receive visitors to our website with the following search queries:

namecritic 106 More stats
“karl hindle” “chuck crawford” 103 More stats
chris mcelroy 71 More stats
chuck crawford scam 50 More stats
chris mcelroy chuck crawford scams 29 More stats
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missing children chris mcelroy 2 More stats
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namecritic scam twitter 2

How To: Destory Someone’s Credability Using Twitter

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on January 10, 2009

Chris McElroy is a notorious scammer among certain circles, however some of the people he’s closest to haven’t heard of his deepest, darkest secret. Chris has stolen money from charity and lots of other evil stuff. He is the owner and chief bottle washer for Namecritic Inc, the company behind such services as Article Content Provider. We wanted a quick and effective way to communicate this message, causing maximum impact.

  1. The first phase was to set up a Namecritic Twitter account. I decided to personalize it with a picture and background image fitting to Namecritic’s character and our purpose.
  2. Secondly, I checked out who Chris is following and, more importantly, who is following him. This is a great way to get an idea of the people I would like to target.
  3. I started following the people in Chris’ social circle. They all seemed very friendly, and I started to interact with them.
  4. 5 hours later and this website has had 620 visitors from Twitter.

Twitter made it possible for me to lazer-target the exact demographic I was looking for: people who know Chris. I have already received a flood of direct messages from people who know him.

Twitter is a powerful tool to target someone’s social network and destroy their credability quickly. Over 5% of Chris’ Twitter followers have already sent me a message, and the majority will have already read what I have to say.  If that’s what can be done in 5 hours, what can be done in 5 weeks?

Chris McElroy Dates 19 Year Old For 2 Memorable Weeks

Posted in Cringeworthy by namecriticscam on January 10, 2009
Chris McElroy's little birdy

Chris McElroy's little birdy

Well, Mr McElroy has been a busy boy. Not content with writing articles, deploying scams, and working for, Chris found a girlfriend. 19 year old Cyndi wasn’t happy with the way things ended, and has been in touch with Namecritic Scam to fill us in with the latest gossip. Chris McElroy was unavailable for comment.

Chris “made love” to her around 6 times during their relationship that lasted only 13 days. During that time he wined and dined her, and even found time to show off to her about his business. He told her that he was an internet celebrity and he has his own “successful internet marketing business”. What a catch, thought Cyndi.

Asked is she was put off by Chris’ age and appearance, Cyndi said that didn’t bother her. Fortunately for Chris, she says she doesn’t judge a book by its cover. Cyndi did admit she was surprised that he had a religious front, but that his behavior was anything but religious. “I probably witnessed him breaking at least 5 of the 7 deadly sins, and that was in 2 weeks”.

She says Chris was too possessive and didn’t appreciate that she wasn’t looking for a long-term serious relationship. “In 20 years time he’ll dead, so I don’t think we’re a great match for something long term.” She was just looking to get f-c–d.

Cyndi is a liberal chick by her own admission, even writing on her MySpace page:


Anyone who posts this on their MySpace page is asking for a good pounding, thought Chris. He sent her an email in early December inviting her to meet up.

On their first date, Chris was kind enough to take her out for dinner. She says he was a bit old fashioned, but that she liked that. Later that night she went back to his place, and they had sex. Their sex life, she claims, was boring and often plagued with signs of old age. “He sometimes really struggled to keep it up”, she said. Young Cyndi just couldn’t feel fulfilled.

Their relationship, though, didn’t end due to Chris’ troubles in the bedroom, claims Cyndi. Chris wanted their relationship to be exclusive, and she didn’t. He would get very ratty when she would text other boys. “He was way too jealous for the stage we were at”, she claims.

Cyndia and Chris could have been America’s Hot New Couple of 2009. It’s a shame things didn’t work out. Is Run By A Part-Time Scanner

Posted in Article Content Provider by namecriticscam on December 31, 2008
Chris hard at work

Chris hard at work

Chris claims to be a legend at all areas of internet business. Article Content Provider will write your articles; Blog Content Provider will do your blog posts and SEO service provider will — you guessed it — do your SEO. He can virtually run your entire business for you, if you are willing to pay for it. On the website of the SEO arm of the Namecritic empire, Chris claims that he and his partners can provide any service you need to run your internet business. It all, though, comes at a price: incompetence and failure.

Chris’ early foray into the domain industry earned him his nickname, Namecritic, he claims. We know better, and can only ever find citations of his name used by himself. He made the name up. If Chris had decided to register a domain name like back then, he would be a millionaire. Instead, he is a pathetic old man who does not have two pennies to rub together.

In an exclusive revealed earlier today by Namecritic Scam, we learned that Chris now has a job with  His empire is not even able to support his own wages these days. I wonder how much Namecritic Scam is responsible for that?

Assistant For Real Estate Warning: They’re Scammers

Posted in Chris McElroy by namecriticscam on December 31, 2008

Namecritic Scam, folks, has done it again. Another hot exclusive that turned out to be bang on the money.  In this post, we revealed how Chris was now working with His employer was then kind enough to respond to an email from us; this has been noted on the post’s update.

Before you work with Chris or Assistant For Real Estate, make sure you read the blog post and the subsequent update. You can thank me later. Employs Scammer Chris McElroy

Posted in Chris McElroy by namecriticscam on December 30, 2008

In a Namecritic Scam exclusive, we are able to reveal that Chris McElroy is involved with Assistant For Real Estate. provides business support services to the real estate industry,  and our sources claim that Chris’ work is specifically related to blogging services, setting up blogs and helping real estate marketers to promote their businesses. We have received emails from clients of the company, complaining about the poor service they have received from Chris. One customer commented:

If you want to get your website banned from Google, you should work with Assistant For Real Estate.

Our temptation is to believe that Kandra Hamric, owner of Assistant For Real Estate, is probably unaware of exactly Chris’ incompetence. One piece of evidence to support this theory comes from Chris trying to f— his employer over. Chris is offering his customers his own services, through Article Content Provider, and attempting to bypass his employer in order to buffer his earnings, according to one of our sources:

Chris recommended I use the article marketing services of Article Content Provider, even being so kind as to offer a free consultation!

This could indicate that Kandra is unaware that Chris is responsible for clients’ plummeting search results. However, if Kandra is incapable of doing due diligence on employees then that should hardly fill clients with confidence. The clients who we have spoke with are less than pleased with how the business operates.

Chris’ employer’s website doesn’t even rank for its own name, fueling suspicions that Chris has got his fingers on the company’s marketing strategy as well as that of its clients. The website looks terrible and could well have been built by Chuck Crawford.

Namecritic Scams has taken the view, for some time, that Chris is not very well off. While his scams provide a moderate income, they are not enough for him to get by on. One reader of Namecritic Scams has already sent us a credit report on Chris, and therefore we know things ain’t looking to hot. I think the fact that Chris has had to get a job adds more weight behind the view that Chris’ finances are headed South for the winter. For those of you naughty folks that like to see Chris fail, you can take solace from Chris being involved in providing services to the real estate industry. Hardly the hottest sector to be involved in at the moment!

Namecritic’s charity scam expose, first noted by Namecritic Scam, was published in August 2007. In the comments of this post Chris admitted to what he done, leading to this follow up post. Namecritic Scam then went on to make the proprietor of blush on a number of occasions, revealing:

No business should use the services of someone who is prepared to openly admit to scamming a charity. For as long as continue to advocate that their clients use the services of a scammer, they should not be trusted. Even if you forget about Chris scamming charity donors and internet marketing clients, the many complaints about his incompetence should be enough to eradicate him from any employer’s payroll.


Further to this post being published, an email was sent to the owner of saying:

Please check out this website if you have not already. The first post is about your company.

In a shocking and damming response, Kandra Hamric said:

Who cares.. whos owns this?

Kandra Hamric
Virtual Real Estate Assistant
Direct: 734-446-0328
Ph: 888-REVA-USA
Fax: 888-738-2872
It’s a Great Day in Real Estate!


Kandra thinks it is okay that:

  • Chris steals money from the families of missing children.
  • Chris steals from his clients.
  •’s clients are being banned from Google

Chris looks like he has found the perfect employer: a consciousness employer. Not only that, perhaps Kandra is without a brain too. Why wouldn’t it matter that our source has been offered work from Chris directly, cutting Kandra’s business out of the loop?

If you a customer of, Kandra doesn’t care that’s website is banned from Google and that its little marketing executive is trying to up sell you the latest sure-fire marketing tactics that don’t work.

We’re Coming To HQ Of Chris McElroy’s Scam Operation

Posted in Chris McElroy by namecriticscam on November 21, 2008

In July 09 we’re going to be here:

I will be providing an update on our project later this year. You may email namecriticscam @ google mail dot com if you are interested in participating in a peaceful protest. You or someone you know must have been directly affected by Chris’ online behavior.

Chris, around one year ago you probably thought this was going to end soon.  That was in August 2007. More than a year later we’re as fired up as ever, and the publishing is not going to end. Sure, you’ve tried, but you’ve not tried hard enough. You have made your crappy blogs, registered and done a few other things too.

We’ve got so much left in the tank. In the next year, we will be doing the following:

  • Making a post in many forums where you have a profile, and alerting them to the scam. This is going to cause even more damage to your search engine rankings.
  • Your radio show will have comments to alert your listeners to what you are capable of.
  • We will do what it takes to get all of your Twitter followers following us. We will show them our posts and tell them what you’re capable of. This is an advance warning, so make sure to discourage your clients from following you on Twitter.
  • We have a list of all of your writers acquired from an email sent out in March. In future your employees should BCC to your list of writers. That was a school boy error. I realize not all of them will be working with you now, but I sure hope some of them are!
  • A peaceful protest outside your home in July 09. Your neighbors who have yet to visit our website will get to know the truth about you then.
  • I would be shocked if 2009 did not involve court action.
  • We know a few of your current and past writers, and based on that we have a decent list of your clients from searching Google for their articles. All of them are going to receive an email. The important ones will receive a phone call.

We’re fired and ready to go Mr McElroy. You business is already going down the tubes, and we’re going to help you sink it.

Your friend Chuck is hardly an innocent bystander, but he’s getting hurt all the same. You can have him on your radio show and send him one client a month, and you’re still not going to have a net positive impact on his business.

That’s right Fat Face: with friends like these…

Below you will find out how people came across our website over the last seven days:

Search Views
chris mcelroy 16 More stats
chris mcelroy chuck crawford scams 10 More stats
chuck crawford scam 5 More stats
“chuck crawford” complaints 3 More stats
namecritic 2 More stats
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