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Exclusive: Namecritic’s Neighbor Chats With Namecritic Scam

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on November 21, 2008

Namecritic Scam received an email on the 16th of October from a women claiming to be a neighbor of Chris. My mouth started to drip like Chuck Crawford’s might at the site of a delicious snack, pictured below.

Chuck Crawfords Idea Of A Diet

Chuck Crawford's Idea Of A Diet - Courtesy of D LeRoy

When you want to keep your identity under wraps, and so too does the source, it can be hard to validate their legitimacy and motive. As we have seen in the past, Chris will go to great lengths to take us down. After some initial trepidation, this lady accepted my offer of sending a letter to her address containing a code she would later have to validate via email. She’s confirmed it, but that’s really all I am able to validate about this source. While we would usually endeavor to uncover more about a source, I think there’s a good chance she knows Chris personally. She lives within 1.5KM of his house.

Her email says:

Like you say on your web site, Chris does tell everyone he is known as Namecritic because he is good at picking internet names! While he is not known by this nickname locally, I have heard it mentioned before.  Your comments about his charity aren’t entirely true. I have good reason to believe that he has done some genuinely charitable work. While I would never donate to his charity based on your comments, I do feel that you don’t see the full picture here.

Your website is currently the talk of my neighborhood! Everyone and their dog has seen it.

While he may have done the odd charitable deed, we know with absolute certainty that he has paid his writers through his charity. He admitted this in the comments of this blog. This is unacceptable behavior and deserves to be noted.

In a later email exchange, our source says:

Yes, he will go on-and-on-and-on about his business success. Even before I read your web site, I had my suspicions his success was likely to be exaggerated. He talks like he is a millionaire but does not live like it.

All I know is that he does get business [through the church]. The thing you have to realize is that who you know is more important than what you know. Like I said, this has caused some problems but his customer is far too polite to say something to his face. This website has spread like wildfire among people who know him within the local community, and I think that way of getting business won’t be working much longer.

We have had over 800 unique visitors with IP addresses near Chris (within 50KM). While not a massive amount, this could be a large percentage of the people that Chris knows. The lady had informed me that Chris has connections with the church and this is a way he gets customers.

When asked for her thoughts on Chris before she read this blog, she says:

Chris is all bravado, and shows off far too much. However, when I sense his weakness, it does make me feel genuine compassion towards him. He has a kind of nervous laugh that bursts out at the end of sentences. It’s actually kind of cute! He is also very good with children. They really seem to take to him.

When Chris has an opinion he wants everyone to know about it. This does not help him in making friends. He is not really an easy man to get along with. I have to say, other than the showing off, I used to think he was okay.

When you watch a soap opera, things are easy to understand. The bad characters lurk around corners, smile deviously and raise their eyebrows as the music reaches a crescendo. I’m afraid real life isn’t like that. Bad people do nice things, and nice people do bad things.

We all know Chris does lots of bad things. If I had to guess why, I would say it comes down to the money. Most early-entry domainers have retired or are off leading utterly extravagent lifes. Chris is stuck in his bedroom with his can of diet cola, his computer and his money troubles. He wonders why he is the latter rather than the former. I know Chris…it’s hard. Because you have below average intelligence, you’re never going to find it as easy as some.

Email namecriticscam @ google mail dot com if you:

  • Know Chris and have a story to tell;
  • Have been scammed by Chris;
  • Are Chris and you want to know how to end this thing.

Chuck Crawford is a Charlatan Douchebag (so too is Chris McElroy)

Posted in Chuck Crawford by namecriticscam on November 6, 2008

Help! Have I been scammed? asks a person on their journey to internet riches. Chuck Crawford — Fat Face Chubby Cheeks — must be sitting back in Mexico (or Texas?) smoking a cigar and telling his friends about the easy money available online. The guy doesn’t win much business these days, but he manages to get his hands on some. And when he does, it’s the easiest money going.

I don’t think Chuck has moved to Texas. I think he used to live there or he uses that address to route his mail to Mexico. Maybe this information will be helpful for our innocent husband and wife team on their search for a refund.

They also found out that Chuck was kind enough to register the WHOIS details in his own name, and I see their website is hosted on his own server (or so he would like you to think).

If Chuck’s claims were true he would own the 18th biggest company in Latin America. Chuck operates from his bedroom (fact) and likes to create the impression he has a m0ther fuck3r of a server farm and is Mexico’s answer to Google when it comes to employment.

He either uses his old laptop as his server or he owns a reseller account. My educated guess points towards the latter.

Chuck Crawford claims to have worked with hundreds of businesses. Many of which are in the Fortune 500. Really? Ask him who he has worked with and he’ll tell you his arms are tied by a confidentiality agreement. How convenient! All of his competitors are able to show off their work on their portfolio or client page, but Chuck can’t. What a shame.

I am able to confirm that Chuck also lies about his clients. He claims to have worked on to some of his clients — only via email and over the phone. He has done this at least twice. We know this to be a fib.

Chris McElroy is happy to recommend everyone on earth to Fat Face Chubby Cheeks. However, you’ll notice that his websites aren’t created by Chuck. If this isn’t a wake up call to everyone, what on earth is?

Hire Article Content Provider: Pay High Rates And Get Poor Quality Today!

Posted in Article Content Provider by namecriticscam on November 6, 2008

Want to know how Chris McElroy makes money? The forumla is so simple that even a monkey could do it.

You go to and order some articles from the lovely Chris McElroy aka Namecritic.

Namecritic goes to freelance websites, like, and makes a post like this. He then gets loads of bidders from the developing world to bid on your project. Not all are from the developing world, but (almost) all of them aren’t competent enough to get a.) a job, or b.) work for real clients.

Many people will disagree with my comments above and claim there are some good suppliers on freelance websites. There are some, however according to data published by BusinessWeek only 16% of projects are completed to the buyer’s satisfaction. And of this 16%, many will have low standards.

Chris only pays the freelancers a fraction of what he charges you. He makes the rest of the money. It really is that simple.

Chris does not use this method to complete all of his projects. However, he is very active on a couple of freelance websites. What is more funny is that he also wins jobs on these websites. So someone posts a bid on and Chris wins. He then goes ahead and posts the same job on and offers to pay a lower price.

Some would call what Chris does a sophisticated arbitrage model. Others would call it a scam. Either way, he’s not adding any value, and that’s why — if you want to publish sh1t on your website — you might as well go directly to the source.

Chris (Namecritic) McElroy has his dirty fat hands in many a pie or two. This is just one of them.

The Power Of Search: A Case Study In Shooting Yourself In The Foot

Posted in Speaker Phone by namecriticscam on May 15, 2008

How people find out the truth about Chris McElroy (Namecritic) and his partner in crime. Our stats follow:

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The 49 Year Old Boy Who Cried Wolf – Legal Threats Are On The Menu

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on March 21, 2008

Chris (Namecritic) McElroy, and Chuck (chubby cheeks) Crawford know how to dish out legal threats. They have made their fair share of them over the years. If someone makes legal threats and doesn’t follow through with them, it’s usually because:

1. They can’t afford to.

2. They are too lazy to follow through with it when the heat’s gone from the situation. So, take from that, revenge is a dish best served cold unless you’re lazy.

We all know that Chuck & Co are lazy and poor. So it could be either. One ex-staffer reports how Chris had to wait 2 weeks to pay her $40 he owed. At least she was paid though, unlike others. Beans and toast are probably, mostly, on the menu at the McElroy household.

Let’s take a look at some of the legal threats that Chris and his fu3k buddy devoted lover have served up.

1. Chris took the approach that this blog is great for him. He posted in the comments that it is good that he is getting so much publicity. Then why would he send us a cease and desist then? The cease and desist was a copy and paste job from a template site. In all fairness to Chris though, at least he made good use of the limited resources he has. What’s so funny is that he didn’t even know who to address the cease and desist to. But, Chris, I thought you knew who we were? The douchebag said this on our about us page. Chris is too busy peacocking to notice his infastructure falling apart. If you ever do build up the moolah to take us to court, you’ll need to find us first.

2. Our friends received comments galore on this post. Chris speaks under the assumption the post will be coming down. Funny I am able to access it literally over 6 months later – another example of Chris being too poor, lazy or stupid to get it done. It’s also worthy of note that none of his loyal clients have been in touch, despite him saying that they will. Some of the clients mentioned in the post, though, no longer use his services. Why is that Chris? Not a rhetorical question.

You know, it isn’t just my lawyer that will be coming after you now. Several clients of mine are about to nail you. I’m looking forward to it. You think you remained anonymous? LOL. You do not know the web at all.

3. Chuck Crawford said this and nothing has came of it. Also Chuck, we forgive your spelling mistakes since you don’t claim to be a writer. However, we don’t forgive yours Chris. We’ll leave that for a slow news day.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to let the world know how much of a sleeze you are. I’ll be sure and put your information site back online so that the world knows a hell of a lot more about your sleezy ass. See, I can prove you are a liar and a theif. I’ll not only sue you, I’ll have you arrested. So keep on slandering me. It will cost you dearly once we get into court.

This didn’t turn out to be true either. Just like with promises of completed projects, search engine rankings and all-else, when you get told something from this posse you shouldn’t believe it.

Q: So why make this post when you might just give them the energy they need to take things to the next level against the very people you are protecting?

A: Great question self. I am glad you asked. I wanted to illustrate to the many people who are scared of the threats they have received, that nothing will come of it. If you do have a worry, shoot me an email and I will let you know what I think. Some of our readers have pending legal action against them, and in that instance you are best to keep your identity under wraps until that is over.

For all of you who like number crunching here’s the sums that prove my point:

Chris + Legal Threats = the size of Chuck’s stomach * -1.

Chuck + legal threats = the number of happy clients they have had – the number of unhappy clients they have had

Chris + Chuck + Legal Threats = The amount of missing children they’ve has rescued this millenium.


Is It Chris Or Just the Sea Air? Either Way, It’s a Moron From Miami

Posted in Chris McElroy by namecriticscam on March 19, 2008

And we thought it couldn’t get any worse. Now someone with a Miami IP address has came by and dropped this comment. This smells like Chris, however it may well not be. The sea air is maybe causing problems down that way. Just like Chris, this absolute – and utter – moron takes the approach of: I know who you are but I am not going to say.

Ahh, well in that case I better just give in and admit who I am 🙂

If you know, why doesn’t someone come by and give an actual name. Of course, if they took that approach, it would be much harder for them to change their mind later on.

Also, just on the off chance you really do think Chris is not a scammer…Why don’t you contact the sources listed and actually read what Chris admits to doing with the Kid Search Network? Whether it is Namecritic or not, this guy really is as thick as pig sh!t.

To support the point that it was written by Chris, completely avoiding the crux of the argument has Namecritic written all over it.

A good way to tackle the issues set out would be to say things like:

1. Chris spams forums because…

2. Chris pays his writers through his charity because…

3. Chris did not know that Chuck created his Wiki page because…

4. Chris never got this client banned from the SERPs because…

5. Chris did not know that Chuck was the worst web designer in Mexico because…

6. Chris only has one enemy who is a disgruntled employee because…

Also, Chris always goes on about people being too scared to admit who they are. He claims it is cowardly. Well, my delinquent friend, it seems like we have a little pussy cat in our midst.

UPDATE: I have decided to search for the IP address location here ( and then looked to find where Chris lives.

The results? Remarkable. It just so happens that a comment which someone was unwilling to own up to, comes from somewhere 3.3 miles away from Chris.

Clients of Chris Should Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Posted in Chris McElroy by namecriticscam on March 19, 2008

We have decided to keep stum in the forums and on the media properties where Namecritic (or his buddy) actively promotes himself. Largely because the pillars of the community already appear to take him with a grain of salt. And, it’s simply not scalable for us to keep up with spamming of his magnitude.

Through going after his name we can cut of his blood supply at the source. I assume, although I am not certain, that most people would do some due diligence before contracting with him. Especially when he used to actively encourage it. Lots of times however, people know that Article Content Provider enjoy giving their clients a good fu<k!ng yet they continue to work with them regardless. One company who we have spoke with in the last couple of weeks, worked with Chris despite reading this first.

They said they believed Allen Taylor’s genuine response and thought his helpful posts built the company’s credibility. The fact is, though, being a scammer doesn’t have to be black and white. It depends on your expectations and largely your luck.

Clearly what Chris gets up to with charity endeavours would be considered scam with a capital S whatever way you paint it. But sometimes people receive the articles that they pay for. Although from our experience a large percentage of people don’t. Almost all of his SEO clients don’t get what they expect and the same goes for web design clients too. It doesn’t take a marketing whiz-kid to work out his tactics and results are less than great. If you just want articles and prepared for a deadline or two to pass on by, you stand a (completely unscientific) 40% of getting what you’re looking for.

Of the blogging and SEO clients that have received entirely underwhelming results, albeit for a cheap price, not one stands out as an exception to that rule. One of his clients recently explained how his results completely tanked after getting linked into the Namecritic blog network. $1200 in monthly sales from search traffic wiped from the top-line in a couple of weeks.

A client of Chris, who decided to file against Article Content Provider on rip-off report is quick to label him as a black-hat. This may well be the case, but black-hat is fine if you can get away with it and your clients are aware of the risk. The work of Chris, however, is probably more of a shade of gray. But more importantly, it all comes down to the fact that his tactics are crap. Chris continues to SEO like it’s the 90s again, with exact-match anchor text, and — as Allen Taylor so expertly put it — keyword-rich content. As an aside, why is it that keyword rich creates such better connotations than keyword stuffed?

Allen, though, isn’t a bad chap from the impression I get. He has actually helped some writers and clients to get their money back when Chris has done the dirty on them. Google claim that it’s better to be in China, than not at all, so they can try and do something about what’s going on there. Similar to Allen, it’s all about the money, but at least they can try and do the right thing from time to time.

Clients of Namecritic, get out while you still can. Working with Chris will increase your expenses and lower your sales. If, to you, that sounds like an attractive proposition, Joel Comm might have an ebook or two he’s looking to punt.

If There Ever Was A Namecritic Brand It’s Dead In The Water

Posted in Namecritic by namecriticscam on March 19, 2008

Chris McElroy, the internet scammer, who runs web businesses such as Article Content Provider and Blog Content Provider has just been destroyed at his own game. And, folks, it’s bound to hurt bad.

The web vetran, who has been strutting his stuff online for 12 years, has got killed in a few months through customers who appear to know a little bit more about SEO than the owner of SEO Service Provider. Chris was obviously too busy scamming people to read reputation management 101.

In all fairness to Chris, though, he has tried some of these tactics. In the days following NamecriticScams and other similar blogs going to press, Chris was desperately building spammy blogger ( and wordpress sites to take control of his name. Where are they now? They are no where to be seen. A bit like client’s of Chris.

He was already in control of an exact match domain too. But that doesn’t appear to be helping him much. Some of the bloggers who write negative stuff about Chris even link out to him, and that isn’t helping either. How much more hand-holding do you need? According to his sales pitch, he has hundreds of clients dominating the SERPs. Let’s not forget he has had an eleven year head-start too.

But, let’s face it. It’s not the same Chris that we crossed swords with all those months ago. Sure, the complaints are still coming in hard and fast but the energy’s gone. From his website he is no longer suggesting clients should Google his name as an indication of the trust he has built up over the years. He realises driving traffic to our sites is stupid. And he realises he is unlikely to recover. After all, he is nearly 50 we hear.

Most people who have been on the web for 12 years have got an exit under their belt, or at least a healthy collection of assets to flaunt. Not Chris. He picked the hard route. Scamming and spamming might take you to six figures, maybe seven, but you’re not going to get a liquidity event worth shouting about when you’re always swimming against the tide. We have reason to believe his company turnover is sub $100K. And based on how much freelancers he employs, don’t expect any Christmas bonus when you work for the Content Provider family of sites.

As people like Frank have a few grand to spend on a domain here and there, with 8 figures on the balance sheet, Chris has to scam small business owners out of their pocket money. He must be the poorest early entry domainer I know. For those who are not familiar that is how he got the name Namecritic. The first citation of this was, of course, coined by himself. But that’s not what he’d like you to think. He claims, on his blog, this was because he was an expert at evaulating domain names. As other domain evaluators prospered Namecritic done the polar opposite. Now, what he considered his only asset, the Namecritic brand, is dead.

Maybe Chris should head over to GoDaddy and start looking to see if he can grab the .com on a new web moniker. How does tw@!face sound?

Through following this link you are taken to a version of Google which is not tainted by geo-targetting. A simple query for Namecritic will show you that all you’ll find about Chris online is negative information and profile pages in the top ten. Three of the results I see, as of today’s date, are publications about the poor service he offers. In my local results, it’s looking even worse.

What will make it even harder for Chris is that he has been beaten at his own game. Blogging. Chris, you have just been pulverised.

Incestual Marketing Or Brotherly Love?

Posted in Chuck Crawford by namecriticscam on March 18, 2008

Imagine if you told people someone was really great. And imagine if that person told people you were really great. Recipricol recommendations if you will. What if you promoted someone else’s business for them, and they promoted your business for you? Wouldn’t the message be that little bit stronger? That’s the idea that Chuck (fat b@$t@rd) Crawford and Chris McElrory (Namecritic) thought when they started spamming the hell out forums promoting each others services. The result? A roaring success. With one notable exception.

Just like with link building, though, recipricol linking has to get a little bit more sophisticated. On this occasion, Melissa enters the fray. Notice how Chris gets the chance to mention how really very busy he is. Well in that case he must be a reputable guy, right? Wrong. And worse still, he admits it.

The amatuer SEO tactics used by Chris have already started catching up with him in the SERPs. He’s got one client pulled already. And let’s face it, his aren’t looking too pretty either.

Ding Dong Chris Is Wrong

Posted in Chris McElroy by namecriticscam on March 18, 2008

Here’s what Chris had to say on who he thinks is to blame for exposing him. Notice the way he talks to one person.

My favorites included:

I already know who you are. I just want to see if you are too much of a coward to tell everyone else. The skeletons in your closet are the other reasons you don’t come forward.

Most people, with an IQ somewhere north of 20, would probably guess he is baiting the person out of the closet not really 100% sure who they are. If he did know, why not mention their name? The skeletons issue is used to discredit the source.

This would mean Chris has a very specific idea of who he thinks hates him on the web. He says that one single disgruntled employee is the only enemy he has made on his many years scamming and writing vomit-inducing prose. I know what you’re thinking. That can’t be true. Well, your right. But first, let’s explore the issue of using the disgruntled employee card to justify wrong-doing. Just because an employee is unhappy, this does not mean it is not for a good reason. For example, sometimes your employer really can be a hot-headed, ego-pumped, tw@t face.

Now for a bit of evidence to show that Chris’ ex-staffer isn’t the only one who has a grudge against the Miami cowboy. And, also proof that everyone does not wish to remain under-the-radar. Another fallacy that Chris has been keen to promote.

1. This comment. James explains how Chuck ripped him off for $6000. What’s that got to do with Chris? Well, as we mentioned before, they are partners in crime. In all fairness though, Chris never had a direct involvement in this one. But referring someone to a Mexican-based web designer who’s proud to put his name to a site like this is bound to cause a problem or two.

2. This filing against Article Content Provider on Rip-off Report. This person is happy to give their name and is clearly an ex-client rather than an employee. Wrong again Mr McElroy.

3. Frank was also ripped off by the old codgers. Chris had direct involvment in this transaction. He was happy to take his share of the winnings, but not so happy to help Franky-boy get his problems resolved.

But, if you think a few thousand dollars here and there are the extent of the problem, you have another thing coming boys and girls. So until next time Chris, we are pleased to say that you are wrong again. Plain and simply wrong. In typical fashion we don’t expect a direct answer from Chris to this question. Let alone an acknowledgement. He’s too busy wondering where his next project’s coming from, and how he’s going to pay for his trip across the Mexican border to pal-up with Chuck when the FBI come knocking.